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  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by shootemrn

    8. On busy days when the strechers are lining the hallways and the patients reach out to you and grab you as you walk by. Do you feel like Richard Dreyfus entering the space ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

    13. Would you drop dead of an MI if someone covered their mouth while coughing instead of coughing directly into your face.
    I have never worked ED, but when #8 happens to me, I always feel like one of the normal people in those "Living Dead" movies, with the zombies swarming over me to eat my brain.

    And as for #13....YES.
  2. by   Dr. Kate
    And there is one of my two favorite inner city diagnoses: terminal feet (the other one is too non-PC to even consider saying)

    And the good samaritan who just happens to be downtown (where the good suburbanite has no business being--too innocent) and sees this poor woman on the sidewalk, picks her up, puts her in his car, and brings her to the nearest hospital and wants us to take care of the "poor woman." (Want to guess her profession? Condition? Desire to be in the hospital?)
  3. by   teeituptom
    Howdy ya'll
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Had a young lady come into ER last night. She was hyperventilating something fierce. When we get her calmed down we find that she had went to brush her teeth and saw that her tongue was black, therefore she thought she had "gangrene"..
    Turned out she had had some pepto bismal a little earlier. We washed her tongue with a washcloth, and lo and behold it washed off.
    Anybody want to guess what color her hair was??????????

    doo wah ditty
  4. by   Nurse Izzy
    You know it's sad - the Vicodin deficiencies and other narc seekers. I have a brother who is due to have both hips replaced beginning sometime in the next 6 months. He's in such chronic pain that his PCP ordered Oxycontin 20 mg bid. For a short time he was without insurance and suffered through the Oxycontin withdrawals becuase he couldn't afford them out of his own pocket. And then there's those who simply want the "rush"...Grrr....
  5. by   momoftriplets
    I triaged a young mom who said her daughter had a temp of 101. I asked her how she took it, meaning rectal, axillary... she said, "I don't have a thermometer." What??? or the mom who brings her 10 day old in because the umbilical cord came off..
  6. by   Glad2behere
    I have a question for ER nurses. Since I work in CCU, I know jack about ortho. How much pain on a scale 1-10 is someone who has 5 cc of synovial fluid aspirated from the knee joint? And I mean this typically, as if there were enough patients to average their pain what would the average number be? I know this is totally subjective, but how much pain med would normally be given for aspiration in the ER? I am just wondering if I am really jaded too or is this extremely painful? This is not a trauma type injury, but a repetitive insult injury...gymnastics, and the patient was advised to lay off the gymnastic regimen for 6 weeks to avoid additional insult injury but the advice was not taken. Is this a Non Weight Bearing injury? This is encompassed in a family disagreement over the pain involved, and occurred years a go, but I still often wonder if the pain as presented to me was way out of proportion. Do you see this situation in an ER much?
  7. by   kaycee
    I'll preface this by saying,of course everyone's pain tolerance is different. In my experience in the ER most people who have had fluid aspirated from their knees, generally feel much better afterward. Their knee is usually not as stiff and painful. Normally they just inject a little Lidocaine to numb the tissue before the aspiration. If they receive any pain med before it might be a Perc or Vicodin and then a script for 12- 15 for home. We put them in knee immobilizers and give them crutches. Weight bearing is not as much an issue as keeping the leg straight. I have never seen anyone writhing in pain from fluid on the knee unless it's a septic joint or they have a lot of fluid accumulation from a trauma injury. I would say most would rate their pain 3/10. My husband had an elbow effusion with quite a bit of fluid from a repetative injury and had an aching pain but it was not severe. He never missed work and the aspiration made it feel soooo much better.
  8. by   Glad2behere
    Thanks Kaycee!

    I remembered this happening to me as a kid learning to ice skate, and didn't recall it being that painful as compared to breaking my leg. The person I had this occurrence with demanded to be taken to ER, right then and there, and the pain exhibited was about a 20/10! They gave 2 IVPs of 5mg MSO4 about 30 minutes apart before the aspiration, which I thought was plenty! No lidocaine though, the doc said he didn't want to introduce more fluid at the site. Thank you for telling me this, I had some naproxene and preferred to wait until the AM for treatment for this person, and use ice packs and elevation until then. Now at least I can ease my mind that all those years of burn nursing hadn't jaded me too badly.
  9. by   TexNurse
    Had a lady come in to our ED with c/o abd pain. Brought an empty oreo cookie bag with her. Said her husband ate a couple, and she ate the rest of the bag. Wanted to test the crumbs because they must have made her sick. You mean if you eat the whole bag of oreos you might have abd pain?
  10. by   Chiaramonte
    Did you ever ask a patient what their medical conditions were and they answered,"None. I don't have anything wrong with me."?
    Then you ask what if any medications they are on and they give you a 2 page list. When trying to make sense of it all, you ask why they think they are taking all these pills and they retort, "BECAUSE MY DOCTOR TELLS ME TO ,OF COURSE"
  11. by   jetsetter
    I have a question. Why is the first thing some pts ask is, " how long is the wait?" If it was bad enough to bring you to the ED, isn't it bad enough to wait a few minutes? And how did the public get the idea that ED care is fast? we are open 24/7 - 365. we promise the best possible care we can provide. It says nothing about all of this taking place in one hour!! We spend so much time apologizing for the wait ( an attempt to improve pt satisfaction levels). Does anyone else get impatient with impatient patients?
  12. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by TexNurse
    Had a lady come in to our ED with c/o abd pain. Brought an empty oreo cookie bag with her. Said her husband ate a couple, and she ate the rest of the bag. Wanted to test the crumbs because they must have made her sick. You mean if you eat the whole bag of oreos you might have abd pain?

    :chuckle you guys are NOT making me look forward to returning to work tonite.....been off 4 wks post-op, this will be my first shift back and spent in triage due to wgt lifting restriction ....l hate triage.....sometimes l feel l am catagorizing by level of stupidity rather that level of emergency ....well, l'm off.....LR
  13. by   TexasRN31
    I REALLY hate these questions from ESD pnts, "How long will it be for lab results to come back?" "How long till the xray results come back?" "How long till the doctor sees me?" "Can't I have something for pain before the doctor sees me?". "Can I have those slipper socks, toothbrush?"!!!! "I've been waiting for 2 hours, when do I get something to eat?" Unbelievable. I do my best to answer questions and do what I can for pnts, but when it constantly interferes with the work of an ESD RN it gives me a bad attitude, which gives the pnts a bad attitude, that's the tough part of the ER, I think. Not sure of viable solution..*sigh*