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  1. Does This Sound Fishy?

    I don't think you have to be a nurse to make an anonymous call about this. I have know ward clerks in our hospital to make calls to the abuse hotline. It very difficult to injure a child secured in a car seat. Yes, follow your instincts.
  2. Smallpox vaccine ?????

    It appears there is quite a controversy about the smallpox vaccine and there isn't any real guarantees that those who were immunized as children won't have a reaction. There is also a concern that if you were to become disabled as a result, would the...
  3. Advice pleez

    I went into the ER from my job in Cardiac Rehab (snooze) and made the adjustments. It was tough and I really had a lot to learn, but am THRILLED I made the switch. Yes, I agree talk to your supervisor and she may help you. I would try this first.
  4. Catching every bug that walks in the door

    Yes, I have been working in the ER for the past year and have had the GI bug twice and before this not since childhood. As well as various other UTI's. I have been told that your immune system will eventually keep up and you won't be sick as much! Ha...
  5. I never realized we are all in the same boat!

    Yes, or perhaps a "Vicodin Deficiency." This is also a drug of choice I have found! Ha..
  6. changing to ER nursing? give me the low down.

    I worked home health immediately following nursing school, then five years in Cardiac Rehab and then into the ER and I just love it! I enjoy the different people we see with the differing dx's. I took maternity leave and wanted something different an...
  7. any POSITIVE comments????

    I have been a nurse since 1994 and I absolutely love nursing. Yes, there are rough days, but you have these in ANY job and just about the time you get REALLY sick of it all, you help a patient who REALLY appreciates you and all your hard work. I have...
  8. ER Nurse is Being a JERK to EMS...

    Well, at our ER we get along great with our EMS crews and also have one of the paramedics who comes in and helps out when we are in a pinch. Yes, it is tough to work with people with attitudes and makes everyones job tougher! Hang in there!! We have ...
  9. Pros/Cons of Home Health and OR Nursing

    I am currently working in the OR on a prn basis and find it very interesting work. I have also done home health nursing, which also has it's down-side, such as unclean surroundings, strange family situations etc.. Where I work the circulating nurse w...
  10. Pros/Cons of Home Health and OR Nursing