I may be crazy, but...

  1. I'm seriously considering taking a job in the ER (6p-6a), 900 bed hospital. I've never worked in the ER before, just got my license in 2001, and I'm 42, although I don't look a day over 41...I do have one yr in ICU...among the 1001 questions I have, though, the most pressing one is can anybody recommend a great shoe??? I have wide feet, but of course I'm lookin' for the most comfortable shoe i can find!!!
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  3. by   ladytraviler
    look at Z-Coils. That is all I wear on a busy L&D unit. at the end of twelve hours my feet could go for 8 more. they custom the shoe to your foot and stance.
  4. by   OneChattyNurse
    i just received a pair of crocs. i had tried a pair on and really liked them. after wearing them for the past couple of nights, my feet are in heaven! there are several places you can get them... crocs.com and islandtrends.com, you can also do a google for them. i tried the crocs website, but they were sold out of the white so i went to island trends. the shipping was a little cheaper there. they also have them occasionally on ebay. anyway...good luck in your new job!!

    they also have some really cool colors if your dress code allows!
  5. by   suzanne4
    I have only used Super Birkie clogs for the past ten years, and would not work without them................
  6. by   Dixielee
    I also have wide feet and discovered New Balence last year. They are the most comfortable I ahve ever tired. I also have a very high arch and need something with good arch support which these have. I think I am hooked for life. Good luck with your new job, ER is challenging but I can't think of anyplace else I would rather work, except maybe my garden.
  7. by   traumaRUs
    I can't answer the shoe question, but welcome to the ER. You'll love it! It is the coolest place in the hospital to work!
  8. by   JJRN
    Dansko clogs are essential...they stretch, too.
  9. by   Katnip
    Hiya. I'm just as nuts as you. I've been a nurse a whole year and start an ED internship. It's nice of them to actually give me the internship since I've been out of school a year.

    I did a semester in the ED for school and had a blast, but wanted to get a little experience under my belt before jumping in for real.
  10. by   THOMP974
    Nike Shox are GREAT!!!!!! www.Niketown.com.
  11. by   Calfax
    You just can't beat a nice pair of steel-toed combat boots as the choice of footwear while working in the ER. Altama, Bates, and Danner make a nice selection and with the right cushion, they're very bit as comfy as Birkies
  12. by   andyman1216
    wth? the best shoes are the ones made to withstand running, walking, and plain ole beating up. ive never worn anything but crosstraining shoes and never had a problem. they cost less than all those fancy things you others are talking about, and most of the time, go to the sale rack, and you can find a decent looking pair for nothing.

    hey, i got to tell ya. ive done peds,psych,med/surg, and nursing homes. nothing compares to a well run ER. takes a lot of continuing education, practice, and confidence, and team work. i have worked in a small ER, where i have learned so many skills that i would never had seen anywhere else.

    have a great time, and when the man gets you down, just say, "this too shall pass." ****** days dont last forever.
  13. by   danu3
    Quote from travilinglady
    look at Z-Coils. That is all I wear on a busy L&D unit. at the end of twelve hours my feet could go for 8 more. they custom the shoe to your foot and stance.
    Question, at the end of 12 hours, can the rest of your body go for 8 more?