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​well,actually in our center pain scale score just been practiced and i'm still a young baby in getting pain scale score..and i even do not know / not confident in asking patient that in pain for... Read More

  1. by   7feetunder
    Quote from whichone'spink
    This is a joke, but an ED tech I used to know came up with an interesting way to get patients to rate their pain accurately. Slap them on the arm as hard as you can, that is a 5. Is their pain worse than that or not? I don't think the Joint Commission will go for that though.
    LOL.i'm quite sure I'm recieving my customer complaint and writing incident report in next minute..
  2. by   nrsjnet
    I usually tell them that the pain scale helps us know how well we are doing in managing their pain because we can't feel what they are feeling and will know if we are making progress. They usually understand
  3. by   maelstrom143
    OH, LOL! I have this one saved on my pc. I look at it each time it has been a rough, dilaudid q2h for everyone day!
  4. by   7feetunder
    Haha!thats scale so funny! XD
  5. by   VICEDRN
    "on a scale of zero to ten, where ten is the worst possible pain imaginable and zero is no pain at all, what would rate your pain right now at this very instant?"If they request further guidelines, I say five is a typical headache or body aches from the flu, zero is you have nothing you would call pain right now. I further educate them that it is okay to say zero if the pain is coming and going and isn't there right now as we are used to that experience and it will not change our evaluation. I also supply a list of pain words as needed. "for instance, dull, sharp, stabbing, throbbing, constant or intermittent, aching, pins and needles, etc" are all "pain".