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With the Memorial Holiday over it is now the official beginning of summer time vacation. Time for the family to hit the road, the skies or the boats. But what to do with Gramma? Lets take her... Read More

  1. by   JBudd
    On the other hand, my FIL fell 3 times in one week, Alzheimer's so bad he couldn't tell MIL he'd cut his head, she found the scabby mess the next morning. Took EMS to get him off the floor twice, sent him home the first time (because by the time he got there he could walk again), made comments my MIL overheard about unnecessary calls. So it was Friday night, with more "why'd they call comments", when he did get admitted with a broken shoulder blade. Lo and behold, trouble getting a nursing home over the weekend, she was ready to take him home Monday and they told her no, he was beyond home care. She's taken care of him for over 5 years!

    I know abuse happens, but there really are people out there with emergencies on weekends..........
  2. by   Blackcat99
    :chuckle Respite care wants to charge me $125 a day to take care of my Mom. I know if I could get to Vegas I could win a million bucks! Is there any hospitals with a low census where I could drop off my Mom and they won't get mad at me? ( Just kidding) :chuckle
  3. by   julieK
    Quote from Blackcat99
    I see a doctor for depression as taking care of my 82 year old mother with Alzheimer's is very challenging. My doctor said I must get some time away from Mom or I won't be able to help her. He told me "I really shouldn't be telling you this but if it gets too much for you take your Mom to the hospital and get her admitted. As soon as she is admitted go on a vacation for a week so the hospital can't find you. He said if I didn't take care of myself that I would be in no shape to take care of my mother. However, I think I will just get her into respite care when I have to go on a vacation.
    That is totally, 100% unethical of both you and the doctor. If you need to get away for your own sake, do it the honest and legal way and hire a home health aide for a week.

  4. by   Quickbeam
    In my years in pediatrics and rehab, we saw "dump and runs" all the time. Brain injured kids are great when the newspapers and TV cameras are around but after a year of so the "novelty" can wear off. NICU grads become less thrilling when there isn't staff to help 24/7 and wow, this is a lot of work. The realities of raising sick kids are grim. Most of the marriages (75-80% from what I've read) end in divorce. Sometimes the only pressure valve is the friendly hospital.

    I can't count high enough to total the number of "he had a seizure" admits we got over holiday weekends. We were also the repository for 17 year olds with chronic illnesses who had fights with their parents. I'll never forget the family who brought their autistic son in stating a crow had flown into his head, he'd had a head injury, start an IV, quick! and oh by the way we're off for 2 weeks to Bermuda, isn't that ironic timing???....

    Sadly, it happens every day.
  5. by   Medic946RN
    Quote from Nurse-o-Matic
    This is terrible!!!!!
    Yes. Sad but true. Had several regular whose children called 911 and you had to step over their suitcases and wheel Granny past their vacation supplies loaded van. They would kiss grandma and wave, say they were coming in soon, but I know they were burning rubber outta their driveway as soon as our ambo turned the corner.

    Had one granny come in to ED being bagged by paramedics, said pt collasped while enroute to the beach with family members. Where were the family? Oh they continued on down to their vacation home. Called the ED three to four hours later wanting to know what was wrong with their mother, when I told them she was on a vent they needed to come in immediately, I was told "We're down the beach, you want us to come back?" Sad, very sad.
  6. by   teeituptom
    It can be difficult to deal with

    but look at it things from their perspective

    maybe they just need a break
  7. by   Blackcat99
    Quote from julieK
    That is totally, 100% unethical of both you and the doctor. If you need to get away for your own sake, do it the honest and legal way and hire a home health aide for a week.

    I agree that the doctor was 100% unethical. However, I don't see anything wrong with having Mom stay at an assisted living facility (respite care) if I needed to go on vacation???? Yes it would be more ideal if I could hire a home health aide for a week. I have heard it can be very difficult to find an honest and dependable person whom you can trust in your home. I have heard about home workers who come in your home and steal all the elderly person's money and valuables.
  8. by   Jill1215
    This is just awful. I know there are much more good people than evil, but stuff like this always makes me wonder.:angryfire
  9. by   Blackcat99
    Quote from Jill1215
    This is just awful. I know there are much more good people than evil, but stuff like this always makes me wonder.:angryfire
    Yes it is terribly sad. What's even worse is when a famiy member rips off their elderly parents. There was a guy at my LTC who got totally ripped off by his own daughter!!! He lost his home and all his money too!!! He had been very financially secure. He was at the LTC because he was "homeless" and they didn't know what they were going to do with him. :angryfire
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    I've experienced the Granny/Grandpa dumps in the past. PA's new nursing home diversion program successful in stopping this. Most elderly persons on fixed income or disabled adults qualify to get homecare started within 48-72hrs of phone call to our area office on aging (especially in Philadlphia).

    After we brought 89yo deaf grandma home from SNF we hired livein care till back on her feet as I was pregnant. Night shift aide had the audacity to have boyfriend come at 5AM and cook breakfast for him--with Grans food. Well she was deaf but alert as a fox and had great sniffer, 2 sets dirty dishes seen in kitchen. I visited next night and caught them both in LR at 5:30AM. So yes, good overnight help is hard to find.
  11. by   CEN35
    Used to see it before Memorial 4Th of July, and labor day holidays.

    Like, "we thought we would get her/him fixed up before the holiday weekend. However, we realize it's in her/his best intrest to be admitted for a few days.

  12. by   prmenrs
    OMG--where the heck have you been, Rick?
  13. by   BRANDY LPN
    He He He, all I can think is what a good example they are setting for their own children, may it please come back and bite em in the butt.