Comfortable shoes for the ER

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I was just hired to work in the ER, and I am trying to find good, comfortable shoes that will help me keep up the pace in the ER. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what type of shoes you have and the cost? I don't have the financial means to spend over $100 which is what a dansko pair cost :/ So is there others out there a little cheaper with good quality? Thanks ya'll

    P.S. I start soon so I'm a bit in a hurry to find something. I have been looking for awhile but I could find nothing within my budget.

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  3. by   GleeGum
    Dankso's are worth it. they will last a long time too. try the dankso outlet online.
  4. by   One1
    I'm a Reebok's fan. I can wear Zig tech or Real flex shoes for 12 hr shifts and walk out without any pain. You can always find some models on sale. My last pair cost about $40 on sale.
  5. by   hiddencatRN
    I wore Nike AV Court shoes (something like that?) until they wore out and then splurged on the danskos. Once you start working you can start putting aside money from your paychecks to get the danskos which I do love despite being totally skeptical about them. Once they break in (about a week for me) they are SO comfortable and I have no problems running in them when needed.
  6. by   brainkandy87
    I've got a pair of New Balance 927's and I swear by them. My arches never hurt and my heels are never sore. AMAZING shoes.

    MW927 : New Balance
  7. by   nursegirl75
    @GleeGum- I checked the outlet out but I didn't see the clogs that I wanted :/ Its ok It will be the next pair of shoes I buy

    @One1- That's a really good deal! can you tell me if you can buy that on-line? I don't have much time to shop and so have been going on-line for shoes Oh and how long did your shoes last?

    @hiddencatRN- I am going to do that How were the Nike AV Court and how long did it last?
  8. by   Christy1019
    [color=#990033]hands down, z-coils! my first three months in the er i went through 5 pairs of shoes b/c of pain r/t knee and back issues. then i saw a few coworkers w/these goofy looking shoes with a big coil for a heel and when one of them had me try them on i knew i'd never go back lol. although they are over your budge @ approx $200, they will last for a long time, when you need a new coil it is $30 to replace them and they will re-sole the shoes for $10 and then you feel like you have new shoes all over again. i have two pairs that have lasted me a few years and the only reason i need some new ones is that i stretched them out so they are too loose. you will have to get used to the heavier weight of the shoes but after a while you will think regular gym shoes feel like flip flops lol. if you don't have a store near you they do have a website, and the sizes are equal to whatever shoe size you normally wear. definately look into them, you won't regret it.
  9. by   One1
    @One1- That's a really good deal! can you tell me if you can buy that on-line? I don't have much time to shop and so have been going on-line for shoes Oh and how long did your shoes last?[/QUOTE]
    I just looked online and found some for about $60,- up. I got mine in a mall. My last pair would have lasted longer than the app. 1 year I had them but I got kind of tired of all the blood and other bodily fluids that had landed on them and after a particularly *messy* pt I had I decided it was time for a new pair. You can get them in various upper materials though, some will be easier to clean than others. Dansko's might last longer but in my very personal opinion I hate them, I can't stand the design and they are superuncomfortable on my feet, even the broken-in ones I tried on.
  10. by   cin123
    Alegria are by far the best!!
  11. by   GucciBeaR143
    Invest in good shoes! You can claim them as a write off. I love my MBT's. The puma's bioride series is good.
  12. by   thelema13
    Asics or mizuno shoes, made for running but great ED shoes, prices range from $50-$200. Totally worth it. Go to a running store and have them analyze your gait, stride and heel strike. They will tell you if you are neutral, underpronator or overpronator
  13. by   Pixie.RN
    That is what I wear in my ED -- Nike SFB boots. Gotta love being a nurse in uniform!

    In my civilian life, I loved my Danskos. Also, the Sketchers shape-ups were soooo comfortable.
  14. by   emtb2rn
    Switched from Danskos to my Bates 8" side-zip EMS/Police boots. More comfortable, very stable and easier to run in.