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  1. nursegirl75

    Forced wearing of nursing cap.

    If it's such a big issue for you, just don't go to the ceremony. Everyone wins.
  2. Just wanted to let you know I'll be here after Christmas. Annnnnnndd I'll be here with my own list of demands, as usual.
  3. nursegirl75

    Unforgettable moments at work

    @cassiemassey: WHy would anyone be willing to take that huge risk? Mental illness is a disease that can trigger at anytime especially when you least expect it. I've had many psych patients who will sweet talk the life out of you and the moment you don't grant them a wish, they will attack without a care in the world. Although I detest restraints, I am 100% for them if it means safety for the pt and staff.
  4. nursegirl75

    Orthopedic Surgeon Office Advice

    what do you have to lose?! Go for it! Its something you can add to your resume showing how you were able to balance nursing school and still took the time to volunteer. And its exactly what you've said: it gives you experiences with patient interaction. Also, i'm betting that you would learn something valuable from the staff including the doctors!
  5. nursegirl75

    Cheating in Pre-Reqs

    You could write or type an anonymous note to your professor about your classmate's cheating, thus protecting your own identity and doing the right thing. In the end, she won't last long in nursing school because its tough and cheaters get kick to the curb.
  6. nursegirl75

    Advise from an ER doctor to drug seekers

    honesty, the best laugh i've had in a while! Thanks for posting! :)
  7. nursegirl75

    Friday the 13th - Any madness?

    Fri the 13th: All the nut-heads came out in full force. ER never seen a more stressful night when the weird-o(s) emerge.
  8. nursegirl75

    A day in the life of an Air Force flight nurse

    wow, that was perfectly articulated. Its so amazing to hear your experiences as an air force flight nurse. I can't imagine what you go through on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your service to our country and for the strength and dedication in the face of adversity.
  9. nursegirl75

    What should I do? Interview after acceptance of another offer

    From experiences, you should still go to the urgent care interview. 1. Until the hospital gave you paperwork to sign officially offering you the job, you technically haven't secure the job yet. 2. You don't want to burn any bridges because let's say the hospital job didn't work out, and if you did really well at the urgent care interview, they might consider still hiring you because you impressed them during the interview. Keep going to interviewed until the day you start orientation at the hospital. In this economy, employers can change their minds at the drop of the hat without considering you at all.
  10. nursegirl75

    Right or wrong? Need some advice

    Like the other posting said, better late than never. I know of a nurse who didn't give the medication because she thought it was late, and she definitely received a rude call from the doctor. Things happen and its understandable so giving a late medication especially if its once a day is ok.
  11. nursegirl75

    Frustrated!!!!!!! Am I alone on this?

    DOn't worry about someone else..it will burn you out. Concentrate on yourself. If you want it bad, you will finish too with hard work. Passion alone will not be enough for nursing school. You probably need to reassess why you feel it will take you a while to finish?
  12. nursegirl75

    How long are Panel Interviews?

    sorry for the late reply. try googling nursing interview questions and practice with someone. Always always have a story to back-up everything you say...any experiences from nursing school, clinicals, and other non-nursing job experiences are good examples. I made sure to have good stories to explain my character and what experiences i had. when you interview, make sure you smile and speak calmly and make eye-contact with the interviewers. A plus, is have a really great story that will stick! Gluck!
  13. nursegirl75

    Is a nurse in the ER joking to a patient like this appropriate?!?

    oh boy, another story about a nursing student who thinks they know what it takes to be a real nurse. This nurse actually did a great thing by educating your sick father, but heck let's report him for that. I'm sorry if you think i'm being rude, but as you are just a nursing student and already being as overly-critical in your thinking, it will not get you very far in the nursing world. You need a wake-up call or you will be eating by your co-workers.
  14. nursegirl75

    How long are Panel Interviews?

    its usually 30minutes to 1 hour. Mine was suppose to be only 30 minutes but with 6 people asking me questions and explaining the unit to me, it took 1 hour for me... :/ on the plus side, I did get the job haha
  15. nursegirl75

    Ruptured Appendix

    Same thing happened at the hospital I worked at. THe OR doctor refused to do surgery because the appendix had ruptured about 4 days ago. Instead we treated the patient with aggressive antibiotics. Although the family members were upset and demanded the pt be taken to surgery, the OR doctor refused.
  16. nursegirl75

    Career Change and need SERIOUS help

    BEfore you make this change, you really need to either volunteer, shadow a nurse, or work in the health industry. IF you think teaching is not for you, nursing is a huge culture shock. Nursing is nothing compared to what you see on t.v. WHen most people actually work in the health industry they are actually surprised and shocked because it's really all about making the money and politics. The fact that you are giving up teaching after less than a year after going all the way for your masters, means that you need to be cautious with your decision-making skills. If anything work as an CNA, and you will definitely see what the health industry is realy about.