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GleeGum has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED, Clinical Documentation.

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  1. GleeGum

    What did YOU do?

    Hey! Honestly I'm not familiar with ICD-10 certification so I can't speak to that. Most CDI jobs are hiring unexperienced for entry level I suspect, because it's such a growing field. I'm sure they would prefer to hire experienced but maybe it's not a requirement. 2 years is not a lot to be honest. This is because so much of what we do is reviewing clinically while knowing the coding rules. ICU or ER experience would probably carry more weight. $300 for the apprenticeship program is not a lot to invest in a career change. The bootcamp is pricey however and likely the be worth the investment if it gives you an edge to be hired. Hope that helps 😊
  2. GleeGum

    Er traveler/first time traveling

    I agree. You won't go blindly. They will know your profile and you will do your research. Ask them how many beds, what kinds of assignments do the travelers get, what's the ratio? We do travel nursing for us, because we want the adventure, the opportunit, etc.. They want travelers because they need help. An experienced nurse who they can rely on and not train. When you interview you can find out more!
  3. I was always up front with my recruiters that I worked with two or three others. I would say, oh I already put in for that with another recruiter, for example.
  4. GleeGum

    Emergency Room RN residencies for New Grads

    Stony Brook UMC in Long Island, NY
  5. GleeGum

    Santa Clara or San Jose CA

    lovely area. i did 6 months at Stanford and loved it. lived in Santa Clara.
  6. that sounds awesome swansonmail. good for you. yes health insurance is a big issue because it is so expensive to begin with and then if you don't have good coverage, yikes! COBRA can be great if you already have a good health insurance, but it would have run us 1200 or more a month. I ended up with American Mobile's insurance and paying for the family coverage (single coverage was free) but that was about $800 a month. and if you go to the doctor, there were a lot of things we still had to pay for after our deductible when we did go to the doctor. Also, COBRA is only for 18? or so months. The other issue to consider is each agency will offer their own insurance. you can take it and if you like it, then take their cobra. in my own case, my health insurance with my staff job before i started traveling was so great that even though the COBRA was expensive, in 20/20 hindsight it would have likely saved us money and annoyance, if we had stuck with it instead of going to the first agency's insurance, paying their cobra as we overlapped time to the next job and then starting theirs.... etc. some travel agencies have their insurance start on the 1st day or perhaps 1st or 15th of the month depending on the coverage you choose. Anyway, it's an expensive and sometimes annoying detail. And in our opinion it was really important to have continuous and good coverage on the road with the family. ps. cobra as described by the department of labor is this "COBRA generally requires that group health plans sponsored by employers with 20 or more employees in the prior year offer employees and their families the opportunity for a temporary extension of health coverage (called continuation coverage) in certain instances where coverage under the plan would otherwise end." in other words you pay to extend your health insurance by your previous employer but there is a maximum amount of time you can do this.
  7. I just remembered another important thing we did to keep in touch with family. We bought digital photo frames that could receive pictures by email (wifi is needed). It was great.
  8. GleeGum

    Nursing student wanting to work in ER

    go for your dreams. yes there are hospitals that hire new grads in the ER. you may need to willing to relocate.
  9. Hi Dance4life, So good to hear someone having a similar adventure with a similar adventure. We were in NYC also and I agree about the housing. Not sure where you are, but I had some job offers in California. Our driving cross country was best when we did 8 hours/450 miles a day. It took us 8 days with a one day stop in the middle with family. And no DVD! I did make a lego box that could stay on his lap. and he insisted I make him some curtains on his side which I did with bungee cords and pillow slip covers. We did some Kumon books and sat some in the back with him. he didn't always require interaction but he enjoyed the company. Hi L&D, It may be hard but I would definitely have some savings in reserve. Have you ever listened to Dave Ramsey? He recommends 6 months of living expenses for anyone. as far as why the gaps - one was because it was my second job and wanted to get to cali or colorado but jobs were still scarce then. the 2nd time i refused the flu vaccine and it was Christmas time and not many jobs available. I have two favorites - Stanford in Cali (and awesome church there too) and Central Coast California. ohhh we love it there!!
  10. GleeGum

    I think I committed career suicide

    If it's anything like where I work, it's a tough ER for any new to ER nurses, in fact we can't even keep experienced ones sometimes. Don't let it get you down. May you have some success and joy in whatever's next for you. And you sound like someone I've recently worked with. Best of luck to you.
  11. GleeGum

    American Mobile

    I had a very good experience with AMN. 5 assignments. great recruiter. also, when i got injured on the job, great disability benefits. yes low pay, but they have the jobs and they got me where I wanted to go.
  12. Of course you will have some apprehension, that's understandable. you are taking yourself and 3 others on a crazy adventure. We knew we might come home broke, knew that there might not be consecutive jobs, knew that it wouldn't be all easy, but we also knew we needed to do it. We didn't want to get to 50 years old and wonder, what if. We did not own a house so that made it easier. We did not have grandparents that babysat, but they were definitely sad. We knew it would only be for a year, or two or three, no more. We did go through our savings, but of the 2+years I was without a job for a total of 12 weeks (pickings were slimmer then). If you want to maintain a tax home you can't rent it out, but go to TravelTax - Started by a former traveler, for travelers for other info on that. He's great. Advice on transition, not sure. We didn't make it a big deal, but did talk about it as an exciting thing. talked about the good things to look forward too. My mom visted us in 5 out of 7 locations, that was nice. Some kids grow up with other languages, my son grows up with a bigger world view. He's very outgoing, easy to talk to people, likes adventures. It's worked out well for us. But now the regular routine has been just as important as the travel was. We are also church going folks and we worked hard to pick a church before we arrived and it usually worked out and went regularly. We tried to select a church and housing also based on location to public transporation also since we are a one car family. We sent detailed emails home to family (besides phone calls) and they are all now printed out for us to remember.
  13. GleeGum

    Headed across the country! Tips for packing/the move?!

    I agree with the above. Also, 450 miles a day is a good target/8 hours so it's not too much at once. we ate our meals in the car because we didn't want to sit when we weren't driving. also give yourself at least one or two extra days for the drive. we drove 4x from east to west with a toddler. so beautiful. what a country. buy bigger stuff when you get there if needed. so little is needed and it's easier. especially in cali, i agree. if you want to see national parks, get a national park pass. have a blast!!
  14. YAY!! Good for you! I just finished 2 and a half years of travel nursing with my husband (stay at home dad) and son who is now 4. We started when my son was 20 months and we did 7 jobs during just over 2 years, so that's a lot of moving around. It was such a dream to do it and I'm SO glad we did. Totally worth the work. We drove cross country 4 (yes really 4) times without a DVD player. I recommend don't even start with one it's hard to go back! It's a little expensive but I recommend doing COBRA health insurance so that you keep good insurance, assuming you have good insurance, until you find a travel company you think you will stay with so you don't have to switch. I can talk more about this if you want. We knew when we started we would only do it for a year or two or three, depending on how our son did. Get a national membership to a children's museum so you can have reciprocal free admission in a lot of places! Get a library card at every location. Just send yourself a postcard before you arrive and that's usually all you need. And the postcards are fun to keep. Have a smart phone - for so many reasons. We traveled with very little even few toys. When we arrived at a new location we would get toys at a thrift store and given them away at the end. We always had some special toys that we brought no matter what. We have so many wonderful memories and no regrets on going. PM me!
  15. GleeGum

    NYC Travel Jobs?

    American Mobile or NovaPro/Cross Country have some NYC contracts. I don't know who last had the NYPresby contract.
  16. GleeGum

    Advice needed

    I agree, sounds like you are ready for the challenge!