Hi, I've been a LPN in the state of Missouri for 5 years. Last fall I applied to a bridge program. At the time, I had no criminal record. 3 weeks ago i was in the passenger seat of my husbands old jeep which is a standard, he parked in front of a gas station and went inside. I turned the key to listen to the radio and I guess the jeep was in gear causing it to roll forward, causing minor damage to 3 bricks. So the police came and arrested me. I was charged with a DWI and a careless and imprudent driving ticket. Now I've found out that I've been accepted to the program with a contengency of a background check. What does this mean for me? Should I call the school, the board?? Will I be able to even sit for boards??

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I don't have any advice, but I would post this in the criminal background nursing forum. So sorry this happened to you. Sounds like it could have happened to anyone, even someone who hadn't been intoxicated.

This could cause issues with your current LPN License and most programs will require an unencumbered license - so this could cause a challenge.

It could cause direct problems with either the school or their clinic sites - check with the program to be sure.

And finally if you are allowed to sit NCLEX you will most likely have restrictions on your new RN license making it more difficult to find a job.

Probably a good idea to 50shades suggests and seek advice from others that have been there and get a recommendation for an atty in your area that knows the board of nursing.

Best of luck.


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I'm having some difficulty in seeing how this rises to the level of a DWI. If you haven't done so, you need to speak with an attorney was soon as possible. She or he can review the facts of your case and best advise you on a course of action.

Best wishes as you work through this.


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I did get a lawyer but technically in the state of Missouri, by me turning the eye I "operated" the vehicle.

That is a tough break, never had a DUI but known others who have. I had a classmate in the 1990s who had a DUI, she was able to obtain her license after going to the state board in Sacramento and explaining that she'd been in no further legal difficulties or alcohol related 'adventures' but you were not even driving. Age 19 I was given an open container ticket for sitting in my parked car drinking beer, this was 1979 thus ticket was an infraction I got off my record with, what I call, 'drunk school' but it's not 1979 anymore. A DWI is a misdemeanor & every job I have ever had screens for everything, I would definitely call the board. Did you go to court to fight this ticket?

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If you got it 3 weeks ago then perhaps you will not officially be charged with a DWI if you explain what happened to the judge. They might give you a lesser charge.

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Turning the key on a "manual transmission" does not cause a vehicle to roll forward. You actually have to start the engine with the clutch engaged. If the vehicle was left in neutral and on a downhill slope your vehicle would be rolling long before you turned on the key.

I think you got caught by the police in a deception but they can't really ticket you for that.


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Apparently the vehicle did not have a clutch safety so when I turned the key, it started without the clutch engaged. í ½í¸• Pretty crappy. My lawyers working on getting the surveillance video showing that I was not driving. My court date isn't until April 11th so we will see. But I have to accept my acceptance into the program by April 7th. I'm sure my arrest will show up but I'm going to send my paperwork in just in case they still let me in.


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And there was no deception. I have no reason to lie about this.