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nalie2 has 1 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN.

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  1. nalie2

    RN to BSN or straight to BSN??

    Do your research. Does your area hire ADNs? If not, then you may want to go for your BSN. I know it sucks going to an ADN program knowing you want a BSN but sometimes that's how life works. I went through a similar situation but luckily my area hires ADNs and I had no issue finding employment and I started my BSN program a months after getting the ADN. There are many different paths you can take, but do your research and stay motivated. Good luck to you.
  2. nalie2

    New Grad New Location Advice

    I would look into the job markets where you currently live and where you want to move to. If you have better job prospects where you currently live then get experience there and then move.
  3. nalie2

    Los Angeles County Nursing Positions

    There isn't much you can do to speed up the initial process. Make sure you submit all of your documents required to avoid delays like resume and BLS. After you apply you'll be asked to take an online test so take it as soon as you are able to. I recommend doing the practice test. Then you'll receive a letter telling you if you do or do not qualify for a position. If you do qualify then you can start calling wherever it is you want to work. If they have a nurse recruitment office call them and ask which departments are hiring.
  4. nalie2

    Final semester; CSUDH RN to BSN

    I started at CSUDH for RN-BSN in Spring 2018 and graduating Spring 2019. I started without my license because I did not want to wait to continue school. CSUDH was fully online with the exception of 2 on campus days for physical assessment. The program isn't difficult, but it was challenging to get professors and CSUDH staff to get back to you via email or telephone. Financial aid, records, and the school of nursing staff were hard to get a hold of or had long hold times. Some instructors did not provide any feedback on assignments or essays and some were thoroughly involved. It was hit or miss with instructors. The program was pretty well organized for the most part, but some parts were not. Clinical placement was challenging, but other students had easier/better experiences. If you are looking for a program that will accept you without a license then this is a good choice. If you don't need that then please look elsewhere or do your research. A few other students I talked to had similar experiences as I did.
  5. nalie2

    ADN job outlook in CA

    I had no issue finding a job in Southern California with an ADN. I applied to a bunch of places thinking my options were limited, but I was wrong. I recommend doing the ADN and then RN-BSN. I did that and got my BSN this year with zero debt.
  6. nalie2

    LA County ADN Programs Spring 2019

    I graduated already, but there were only few instructors that did now allow recording.
  7. nalie2

    LA County ADN Programs Spring 2019

    County does not guarantee a job with the service payback option, but the majority of the students I know were able to land a job with county.
  8. nalie2


    Wow...what state are you in?
  9. nalie2

    47 and Graduation TODAY!

    Congrats! I was 32 when I graduated and was one of the oldest in my cohort. It's great to see people chasing their dreams at all ages and stages in life.
  10. nalie2

    Expelled from RN program, looking for options

    I think the most important thing to do is get yourself help. Get that anxiety under control otherwise you may end up in the same situation or even worse you may make errors once you're working as a nurse. Get that situated, then figure out the school thing. Either CNA or LVN option will be just fine, see it as a detour. I graduated nursing school at 32 and barely moved out of my parent's house last year and now purchasing my first home. So please, don't let your age get you down.
  11. nalie2

    Pre Nursing Mom, wife working full time.

    If I had 3 kids I would never have gone to nursing school because I think it would have been unmanageable for me, but that is me. Several of my classmates had children, worked part time and still passed nursing school. It's all in your motivation and how hard you are willing to work for it. I had no children and worked 8-16 hours per week and barely managed a 3.00 GPA, but again that's just me. If you really want it, it will work out.
  12. nalie2

    Bleak Term 1 Outcome

    It may not be your preferred option, but you still chose a great path. You can always pursue LVN to RN.
  13. nalie2

    CSULA APRN/FNP Program 2019

    I also received my acceptance email for Adult Gero NP. Congrats everyone!
  14. nalie2

    CSULA APRN/FNP Program 2019

    Mine was in person
  15. nalie2

    CSULA APRN/FNP Program 2019

    Haha its cool, my memory is crappy too. My interview time was at 2PM and my interview began at about 2:10 PM. My program wasn't running as late as acute care...they were over an hour behind when I arrived lol. Did your interview start on time?
  16. nalie2

    CSULA APRN/FNP Program 2019

    I interviewed for my second choice Adult Gero. When I got there they told us they were running behind schedule. Maybe that is why your interview felt rushed.

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