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anyone know of decent drug rehab in ny/pa area? friend's 19yo daughter is in need....loong story, she and family could use thoughts and hugs..


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Unfortunately, I cannot suggest a place to you as I am quite a distance away from you.

But speaking as a former rehab nurse, I know what her and her family are going through. My thoughts are with them all in this difficult time.



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my thoughts and prayers are w/you Sunny. what you must be going thru....i am so sorry. I pray for resolution and recovery in a the near future for her and for you. Sorry don't live in PA...but wanted to send you well wishes and sincere thoughts.


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It's never a good scene when someone can't handle their street drugs. Much good energy to your friends.



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thanks to all...her daughter has been using and selling...friend moved her back home.. and has her grounded, so far ok...til dtr realizes she is legally an adult...lol..anyway, friendis kicking herself for not just letting things escalate and let her get arrested..now she needs to find an affordable rehab..(oxymoron) her dtr is not covered on her insurance...also they are freake dcuz she may or may not owe a bigger dealer$$$..cops know this dealer, who is from OOT...but don't have A case built against him yet to arrest...this sux for her, she is a wonderful person, great nurse and good friend also...


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I actually know of a rehab place in Wernersville, Pa...its outside of Reading. It's called the Caron Foundation. My older brother went there and after a few months came out as a new person. He currently works at a rehab place himself at the Malvern Institute. I hope this is of help. If you need any further information on either of these two places let me know, I'd be more than happy to help! Good luck!!



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The nurse friend, who I assume is the mother, can TRY her EAP (Employee Assistance program).

They may or may not buy this 19 year old as a dependent minor, but she can try it. They (the EAP) will see her for a limited number of sessions, usually 1 to 3, and make a referral. They may be helpful from the stance of helping her to access low income care systems. Some d & A treatment centers are subsidized by DUI and other money and have some mechanisms for seeing low income folks (usually an outpatient day program, but not a bad way to go for a first shot).

Consider NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA, you know as a condition of living at home (30 meetings in 30 days or 90 meetings in 90 days for a start). Both NA or AA usually have 1-800 numbers and they will give you times and locations of meetings and may tell you which groups are more likely to have younger populations. Some groups are just better groups, too.

Call the local SRS/welfare (whatever) office. They will sometimes facilitate evaluation and treament for people (but I think they are more likely to do this if their are minor children being affected by an adults usage in my state. I will tell you that in my state I KNOW about this resource and I had to really dig and dig to get them to let me talk to the D & A eval folks when I needed them.

Good luck.


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Good thoughts and prayers for you, and your friends. Nothing kills a parent more than seeing their child self destruct before their eyes and not being able to change that. (((HUGS)))

I would recommend ToughLove if they have not already sought this kind of support. Hope they find a good local rehab. :)


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talked to her again today...daughter has been pleasant and well-behaved since being grounded...does anyonew know what signs of crack withdrawal are? she has not noticed anything other than sleeping more and being pleasant and human...lol...but has tested + for crack twice in past 60 days...and has had sex for drugs...in addition to dealing....feel awful for her an dher husband..


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Originally posted by sunnygirl272

does anyonew know what signs of crack withdrawal are?

In general, one will experience a swing to the opposite of what their drug of choice did to them. Crack is a stimulant, so during withdrawal, her body will swing the other way. Her CNS will be very depressed. Most of our girls coming off of crack/cocaine slept for the first few days.

It was the heroin addicts and alcoholics that were climbing the walls.

I just hope your friend gets her daughter some help. A crack habit is impossible to break alone. Actually, statistically, I bet it's almost impossible to break with professional help.



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I have also heard good things about the Caron Foundation in PA, and had two friends who received help there in the past. Their website is found here: http://www.caron.org/default.htm

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Here is website with PA /Mid Atlantic links.

Alcohol and Drug Counseling and Rehabilitation Center Resource ...


Malvern Institute was 3rd rehab center brother was in. He credits it for his recovery....clean and sober 10 years now.

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