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Don't get too excited!


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What to do when you get too excited? Run. Yep, running is a well known stress reliever. It can also bring you back down to Earth when having the butterflies or when getting too excited. Many students and nurses love running. Do you run? How do you arrange your training schedule? Run at night? Early in the morning?

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I love to run! It is my go-to stress reliever; it is my 'happy place.' I put my headphones on, turn on my favorite playlist, and I run. I run to stay well. I run to stay sane. I run because it gives me time to think. I run because it gives me time NOT to think! I try to get my run in, early in the morning, before the rest of the day gets in the way. Studies have shown that years of regular exercise preserves brain function, and lowers the risk of age-related cognitive decline. I encourage everyone to give running a try. I have found my passion, as far as exercise goes. Running is something I know I can stick with, for the long haul. However, if running isn't your "thing," find something that inspires you to get your blood pumping! Your body, your mind and your prospective patients will all benefit from your healthy lifestyle!

I need to start running again. Between school and work I have no time but I will make time even if it means waking up an hour earlier. The Florida heat is brutal!

Getting ready to start training for another half marathon on Monday. Running is a great time to be by yourself and think. It's your time to destress and enjoy some good ole fashioned exercise. Love it!


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I ran until I became disabled. I ran half marathons or just ran premeasured routes. Often, our dog ran too. I'd run about three to five miles per day.

I also used the pool and workout room at the YM. I preferred the YM equipment over the YW because it was newer and there was a greater variety.

Now I use hand weights, and one of the little pedal things like PT uses. I walk as I'm able to in the house.

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Nah, I run enough at work.

First thing in the A.M. Helps wake me up and keep me energized and focused throughout the day. And yes, a GREAT stress reliever!

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I used to be an avid runner - I have run several marathons and half-marathons - but the constant pounding took its toll on my knees which were already problematic. I have been doing CrossFit for the last 3 years and that is a great stress reliever! I have a coach who programs my workouts for me based on my goals and weaknesses and it is great to work, go to school, and then take that hour and a half for myself, throw some weights around and see constant improvement. It is also an exceptional social opportunity as well. I cannot imagine not having some kind of physical outlet.