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Last semester I took A&P I and the regular instructor was on sebatical so a different science instructor taught the class. We had to buy $300- worth of books, but that was ok because our instructor told us that the returning instructor agreed to use this same book for A&P II.

One of my classmates called me the other day to tell me that the returning instructor is NOT using the same book. In fact, he's picked out a new book, different author, that costs $130-!

I'm really mad about this! Does that seem right to you? We bought $300- worth of books only to use the first 15 chapters! Then buy a different book and use only the last 15 chapters! I realize that instructors can choose whichever book they want- but this doesn't seem right!




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I would feel the same way you do. That stinks!

It probably would have been better if the first professor had never said anything about use of the book for A&P II.

Problem is, all you can do is suck it up and deal. That's one of the joys of studenthood, isn't it? ;)

Breathe deep...



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with different circumstances, i had to buy two different a&p books too. does it seems unfair, yes it does.


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It is unfair.. But unfortunately there is nothing saying that they can't change books... I guess they think we have money falling out of our wallets..


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In my A&P classes, the instructors didn't care what book we had. We didn't follow it too closely--no specific reading assignments or anything like that. They all have pretty much the same material anyway. Check with your instructor--he or she may not mind if you have a different book, just as long as you have a book.

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I used the same book for A&P I&II, but now had to get a totally new one for Adv. A&P, which I think really bites because it's the same stuff! The human body doesn't change THAT much that we need a new text because the old one is an older edition! AARRGGHHHH!!!

Like I said in a previous post....




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hi, i had to buy 2 different books also and yes they are expensive, it's too bad you couldn't have used the same book, like a previous poster said.. things shouldn't change that much ! :)


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Check out the new book and see how different it is than the other one. If there's not a big diff, I wouldn't buy it.

Also, check out, as they have good deals on books. I saved $100 last semester and only had $250 (bookstore price) to buy. They're worth checking out. I have lots of other websites, too. Let me know if you want them.



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Here's a tid bit of info on text books. Many of the Phd's that write these books are alumni of some instructor who say's "Hmmm, I think I'll help my friend (the Phd) a get a couple hundred grand by using his/her text for my course. Every couple years they change they layout and cover page, and perhaps ammend a few minor details and call it a "New Edition". Yes the pages do change so it makes it difficult to follow in instructor who's using the new edition if you have an old edition. (insert: bad smell here)

((((I wrote this on another thread but I thought that It pertained to this one as well so I copied and pasted it here))))))


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If you get stuck with the books, maybe your could resell them.

I have noticed that has textbooks and they also have a "used" textbooks section. you might not get a lot but some of your money could be reimbersed.....

just a thought.


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When I was in school, this happened frequently. Most students are not independently waealthy and this approach may help. Ask the instructor on day one (or call ahead of time if possible), and ask how closely they follow the text. Be honest and say you are low on $$ and you will t ry and borrow the text from the library if it is available. Sometimes, the prof will just say to follow your class notes for tests. Some students share texts as well.

I hate when they do this. I remember in anatomy/physio (years ago) we had to buy a coloring book. Guess who was the co-author? Yep, the professor! I think that may be unethical, but legal. Good luck.:)


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took both a&ps...does not really matter that you don't have the exact same book...they all have the same information. YOu can probably get by w/o purchasing another.

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