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  1. henry01

    relatively new and stressed

    Yeah, stick it out. The new peeps need someone to be nice to them! Dont look to the OR for friends....talk to your friends about the OR. There is a reason why there are so many hospital shows on tv, huh!
  2. henry01

    Overwhelming job! Oh my gosh!

    12 weeks? that's it? That is just crazy talk. Regarding the personalities....just don't become one! You work with them....but you don't have to take them home and they are not coming over for dinner! So - suck it up....stick up for you...and don't get caught up in the drama...and never...EVER...go to happy hour with them! ;-)
  3. henry01

    Dilemma -- any advice?

    Not your business. You may not know all circumstances. Stay out of it....
  4. henry01

    How Did a BSN Help Your Career (Or Not)

    Hey. I am certainly not discounting more education, but for me...enough is enough. My bba has served me well for mgr roles in corporate america. I thought the bba and adn were going to be a good combo.
  5. henry01

    How Did a BSN Help Your Career (Or Not)

    Hey. You replied to my post...I do have a bachelors degree...it is a BBA. My question is does it really make sense to have another bachelors degree. I am currently enrolled in an ADN program and am wondering why I would be looked over for a supervisor role with a BBA (bachelor business administration). If my BBA is not enough with an ADN, then I guess it would make more sense to get a MSN, right? I just don't believe a second bachelors degrees would be more helpful. Many schools will accept my ADN and BBA to enroll in a MSN program. If ADN and BBA is not enough education for a mgr role...then I am thinking an MSN may serve me better...If I have to put in more schooling anyway. Am I thinking clearly on this? What do you think?
  6. henry01

    How Did a BSN Help Your Career (Or Not)

    I have a BBA, but am currently back in school for an ADN. Do you think I would be overlooked for supervisor roles in the future, even though I have a business degree? How would I be treated at your hospital (pretend I have experience) ;-)
  7. henry01

    Collin County Community College anyone?

    Yes I did apply and got in...probably by the skin of my teeth. I am excited. I hope you are called off the waiting list...did you talk to the director?
  8. henry01

    Collin County Community College anyone?

    just fyi I found out today that they only accepted 30 people due to not enough staff.
  9. henry01

    Collin County Community College anyone?

    did you get into collin county for spring 07?
  10. henry01

    Does this seem right? Re: Changing books

    took both a&ps...does not really matter that you don't have the exact same book...they all have the same information. YOu can probably get by w/o purchasing another.