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:uhoh3: hi, i just wanted to know if anyone knew about nursing students that have completed three semesters or a year and a half and have been able to sit for their lpn license while waiting to finish their rn. i live in nj. im trying to complete my rn online but its probably going to take awhile, and i really need to work. please help!


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I live in Delaware so I am not sure if NJ would work the same way or not. My school says that after you finish the first two semesters you can get your LPN and start working as an LPN. Haven't actually tried it yet because I don't start clinicals until this fall, but that is what I am planning on doing after my first 2 semesters. That way I can make a little money while finishing out for my RN.

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I would say you have to check with the BON as some states will differ from others and some states will not allow you to sit PN at all


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hello anurse2b!

i did this! i finished my first 2 semesters of the rn program, took a 6 day lpn class, finished 90 clinicals hours and am able to sit for the nclex-pn. this lpn class was an option for us, we didn't have to do it. i did it for security... if i am unable to finish my last year of the rn program, i would work as an lpn and not a cna. oh.... and i'm in colorado.

good luck!!

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It's called taking the LPN exam by educational equivalency and not all state boards allow it. Exceptions may be personnel trained by the military. The way I have ever been able to find out if it is allowed is to go online to the individual boards of nursing and look at the online application and instructions to take the LPN exam (NCLEX-PN) in each state. In the application instructions, look at the educational qualifications to take the exam. If educational equivalency is allowed it will tell you and give instructions for what you must do. It usually requires getting a letter from the dean of your RN program that details what you have learned. Without this letter you usually won't be allowed to take the exam. A problem may arise because the dean of your RN program may refuse to give you this letter if you are a current student in their school.

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