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wear support socks? These 48 yr old legs on 12 hr shifts need some help!!!!! It's all new to the poor ole things!


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you can buy them at walgreen's==if that's the question>>>>

and yes, I sometimes wear 'em; keeps the swelling down enough for me to wear shoes ;)


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Thanks Sleepeyes! I should've also asked what kind and where ya get em.

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I wear light support tights that I buy at Walmart,it does make a difference in how my legs feel after work. I buy tights because I can throw them in the washer and let them drip dry,lasts a lot longer than pantyhose. It also helps keep me warm (I am always cold) on the night shift.


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When I did general duty, I kept a pair to put on before I got out of bed(the best time to put them on...before your legs get swollen). Course this works best for those who shower before going to bed ..NOT morning


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Only my ankles swell. I wear hi-tops. Cheaper than some of the support hose. Work just as well.


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I started wearing support hose in nursing school and wore them all the time when did bedside nursing for 25 years. Now that I am sitting most of time doing telephone triage, I don't wear them. I probably should. My personal preference was Total Support found at JCPenneys. A little expensive, but lasted quite a while unless I stuck a fingernail through them!


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I break a sweat putting those total support jobbies on! But boy, do they make my legs feel good. I feel like I should be running down the hall instead of walking!


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I purchased a pair of support hose from nursemates and they are wonderful :) They were only 5.50. :)


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I am 25 years old, weigh 175 and would come home with 2+ pitting edema of the pretibial area. Support hose are a blessing!!!!!!!


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I used to wear thigh-high teds when I was pregnant. They worked the best of anything...and they didn't run. Why not go into that? It certainly worked!


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what about people who are on the plus size.....does anyone know where to buy support hose for us?

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