Does anybody know anybody that has been pregnant in nursing program?


Does anybody know anyone who has been pregnant in the nursing program? If so did they go through with the program or dropped?


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Yep. One of the girls had her baby and came back 2 days later for her clinical rotation. I was pregnant towards the end of school, finishing up around 27wks. I also got married in the first 3 months of nursing school haha. I wait for nothing!

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Yes, one dropped out and one finished. The one that finished was in 2nd semester of nursing shool though and had her baby over our christmas break which is like a month long. It was perfect timing on her part.

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Currently almost 35 weeks and finishing my Master's. Did my undergrad RN bridge portion pregnant with number one. As far as my ADN there was one gal who was back one week after delivery to finish up her degree.

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To my knowledge, none of my female classmates were pregnant during my time in a 12-month LVN program.

I attended an LPN-to-RN bridge program a few years later and three of my classmates were pregnant. The two younger females delivered their babies, took a couple of days off to recover, and returned to class without skipping a beat. A middle-aged woman was pregnant and attended up until the time she delivered an infant daughter, but never returned to rejoin the rest of the class.

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I had three in my LPN schooling. All three continued the program, however...

one was placed on strict bedrest about 3 months from graduation so she was unable to finish with us. She did deliver a perfectly healthy beautiful full term baby boy and she returned to school and graduated with the class behind us.

The second one had her baby during our Christmas time break and returned back to class when we did.

The third went her entire pregnancy, graduated, passed the NCLEX-PN and then delivered her baby.

Everyone was saying there was something in the water as all had become pregnant during school as did two teachers!

In my LPN to RN program, we have one who went through pregnant and delivered during our Winter break. She's back with us now. And one who is currently pregnant who is due to deliever right around graduation time.

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Considering the age and primary gender if nursing student, I think everyone here can say that they knew someone who was pregnant during nursing school. I was during my BSN (had my ADN, and was going at a snails pace, lol). As a professor, I see it very often.

Not everyone drops out or takes a leave. Some people literally deliver, and come back the next week. Some people try to time it (if it was planned, of course). I think it all depends on the support you have at home. It also depends on yours (and the baby's) health. We all assume everything will go smoothly, but as nurses we know that this is often out of our hands. Physical and emotional (post Partum depression) are bad enough to deal with without the stressor of nursing school.

And don't forget, you WILL need to get some sleep to be productive in school and clinicals.

I think it's advisable to have a realistic plan B, in case you you cannot return right after you deliver. Make sure you know exactly how many days you are able to miss. A doctors note will not be likely to give you any more days off. Your school will treat it like any other illness, and give you the option to withdraw or take an incomplete.


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I know plenty of people that were pregnant during nursing school. Some took a semester off and came back, some just went part time, and some came back right away. Just depends on the support you have at home, when the baby is born, financial issues, etc.


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I will be starting school in august n Im getting married in august plus am pregnant but Im not going to stop at anything. Im moving into the program with full force!!!!

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I finished up my program pregnant. I had my son a few weeks after graduation and we timed it that way.


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One of my classmates just announced her pregnancy a month ago. Very fitting, since we are in our OB/PEDS section! :D

She has every intention of finishing and she also plans on becoming a NP someday!


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A classmate was due right around now, during our 2 week break between quarters (4 a year). She was going to come back and continue on without skipping, however she went into labor very early, so her son was born early and was pretty sick, several weeks in NICU. Last I had heard, she was going to return this upcoming quarter, but have will be a quarter behind me now since she has to re-do last q.