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Hello allnurses, I'm a DO student dating a RN who is looking into obtaining her DNP in the near future. Currently, she's interested in FNP due to the flexibility and her interests. We try to... Read More

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    Quote from juan de la cruz
    We do diagnose on a lot of cases. We are part of a larger Adult Critical Care Medicine service and rotate on all the adult ICU's - Med/Surg, Cardiac, and Neuro. In some cases, diagnosis is already established, like in the case of a patient coming from the OR ...

    The more challenging case for me are when I'm dealing with medical ICU patients coming in with a puzzling constellation of symptoms...we don't always need an attending to start the diagnostic process. Because hospitals are mandated to have a physician in charge of each patient, we call or inform the attending of what we're doing and what the diagnosis we made on a patient.

    As an academic medical center, we are the last destination for patients that most other hospitals can't handle. Diagnoses such as hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome, botulism, creutzfeldt jakob disease are examples ofcases I've seen but required a collective effort from an entire ICU provider team + consults to confirm.
    Very interesting. Thanks for the explanation.

    Quote from juan de la cruz
    Interestingly, that avatar is an Instagram picture I took in Scottsdale, AZ while attending a conference. It reminded me more of Miami Vice a show in the 80's which is certainly dating me. Yes, I'm in California but in the colder north. Yes, there are beaches but they have freezing waters so the surfers are covered neck to ankle with wet suits unlike SoCal where they probably just wear board shorts. It' a cool area here nevertheless with a heyday notable for the "summer of love" but now overcome by techies and the likes of Zuckerbergs and whoever runs twitter or whatever new app kids are into these days. That last part makes the area a bit annoying for old guys like me.
    Wow you took that shot?! It is so surreal looking. Very nice. It'd make a great postcard or t-shirt even.
    I do remember Miami Vice and that handsome Don Johnson. His daughter Dakota, now in the movies, looks so much like him.
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    Quote from Jules A
    I happen to agree and the attitudes of some new grads that as long as a facility hires them that means they are capable of doing the job is frightening to me.

    At my FNP program we got the same thing which I respected. What I find very curious is one of your peers, I suspect same graduating class, was on here recently regaling us with tales reminiscent of that special grandiose flavor of JH KoolAid insisting she was told by their faculty that she was qualified to specialize in psychiatry with only the AGNP if she got an orientation. Regardless of my opinion on the quality of non psych NPs practicing in psych I think this, as above, is a significant liability. Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
    A patient died in my first year of practice as a Psych NP after I prescribed a well known antipsychotic, which he truly needed, for a month.

    His triglycerides went from 150 to 1200 in that time frame. He developed necrotizing pancreatitis, then diabetes, with renal and ultimately respiratory failure.

    People who feel they can dabble in this field terrify me.

    Depending on where you work, half the people who tell you they are "hearing voices" are probably lying.
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    Yes, This!!