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Do most of the students in pre-nursing/nursing programs already work in health care?

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I am planning to apply to a part-time nursing program for the Fall of 2017, but everyone I've talked to in my prerequisite classes that are going into nursing already seems to have some sort of job in health care.

I have no health care experience what-so-ever. (Other than that my mom is an RN, if you can count that as "my" experience.) I worked in bookkeeping, and customer service as a bank teller, before staying home with my kids (for the past 4 years). Will this hurt me a lot when it comes to applying for a job once I graduate?

Sour Lemon

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It didn't hurt me. My first two jobs commented on my very stable employment history ...even thought it was in a totally different field. Six years at one job and nine at another made me seem like a good new-grad risk who might stick around for a while.

I had 5 years experience as a bank teller with the same bank. Hopefully that will be good enough. I get nervous when I hear everyone talking about all the experience they already have, but I figure that some people must be coming in straight out of high-school without experience too. Although maybe they are getting a part-time health care job while they are in school?

I was unemployed before and during nursing school. I finished last year December and now I have two nursing jobs in the specialty that I want to work in.

It probably helps to have a job in a hospital for the connections but you don't need it.

I didn't work in healthcare prior to nursing school and didn't have much trouble finding a job, BUT when I started my first nursing job I wished that I had some healthcare experience. Simple tasks like patient care, medical lingo were all new for me, while the other new hires who had experience had a much easier training.

Just my opinion. Good luck in school!

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I got my CNA license as soon as I could before being accepted into my nursing program. Not everyone in my program worked in healthcare, some had for a long time. I think it helped me.

There are eight colleges with nursing programs within 1 1/2 hours of me. (I am applying to all for fall) As of right now only three give you points for prior health care experience. However the ones that do offer big points. Most of them go for more of GPA and entrance exam scores. I would research the schools you are interested in. Look online for info for possible admission information. You can also call the schools and ask the nursing department If healthcare experience means will help for admission.

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Thanks to Jesus, I graduate this coming Tuesday, December 13. I come from an IT / customer service background, and I've two job offers on the table with two more coming in next week. Lack of healthcare experience / background hasn't hurt. About 40% of our graduating class has a healthcare background, most don't. They are also getting job offers.

It depends on your area. If you live in an area that has a glut of new nurses and only a few jobs? It helps to be known in the hospital.. or already be working in it. Who you know instead of what you know kind of thing. If your area isn't like that? It probably won't make a difference.

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I think that it helps, as far as I looked around one day and noticed that almost everyone in my pre-reqs were going into nursing. I was already a Hospice House Aide, so I applied at one of the local hospitals I work there and notice that a lot of the techs, are nursing students. And as soon as they pass their boards the hospital puts them on the floor as a nurse. So there is a guarantee that you will have a job, depending on the hospital you work at. My mother was a CNA 30 years ago and after that worked as a corrections officer for 19 years, and we are getting ready to go to nursing school together. I think it doesn't really matter, unless you are hoping to build tenure some place, than definitely start working someplace as an Aide.

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Natasha, CNA, LVN

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It can help. Its sometimes about who you know and not just what you know.