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  1. Cruella de ville

    Lazy patient

    Sitting in soiled bedding can cause skin breakdown and increase infection risk, so I wouldn't allow a patient to sit in their own mess in a hospital or other care setting. I would be trying lots of options and ideas, handing them all the supplies and telling them it's time for them to clean themselves. Asking them what are their barriers to cleaning up and try to work with them to maintain their independence. There are lots of adaptive equipment that may be helpful. If they are being inappropriate sexually it can sometimes be helpful to send a different nurse or CNA in to see if they are able to work on cleaning themselves up for a different person. Absolutely work with Case management to see if there are any other reasons they aren't willing or able to clean themselves up. There are some people who are just lazy. Even at home they might be willing to sit around in wet clothing, but there are other people who do have reasons why they aren't able to clean themselves even if it seems like they are physically capable of cleaning themselves. Good luck to OP
  2. Cruella de ville

    Is 6 weeks too long to give resignation notice?

    Give only the minimum notice. I have had jobs that terminated immediately upon receiving a notice stating they didn't want anyone working there who didn't want to be working. 6 weeks would be a long time to go without a paycheck. As much as you love your old unit and want to be a fair person, now is the time to be a little selfish and do what is best for you.
  3. Cruella de ville

    Transition from LTC to hospital

    I made the transition a few years ago. A few things that were big changes for me was the idea that we are actively trying to save everyone vs LTC where most are DNR and waiting for end of life. It was a learning curve to call the doctor's with every slight change, rather than trying all the non-pharmacological options and such before calling. Also, the doctor's actually KNOW their patients so I didn't have to do as much prep work prior to each phone call. I was used to looking up all their medical history, labs, recent tests before ever calling a doctor, now at the hospital I spend more time on a focused assessment, vitals and a quick call to the MD with any change in condition. You can do this! But it's a big change!!! Best of luck
  4. Cruella de ville

    Smoking cessation-to lecture or not to lecture?

    I usually just ask them what they want. I just tell them I am happy to offer smoking cessation information if they feel like listening but add they are adults and are free to make their own decisions about what is best for them.
  5. Cruella de ville

    Are all agencies this messed up?

    Just a bit of advice. You don't ever need to give an explanation of why you can't cover a shift and you are not painting yourself a very good picture if you are telling them you are too drunk to work. A simple no, or let it go to voicemail would be better. If they are ever looking for a scapegoat they may remember this conversation and use it against you. Best wishes with this new job!
  6. Cruella de ville

    Report or not when administrators have favorites

    Quote ""I texted the previous charge, L, and apologized for bugging her during her family emergency but just wanted to know who she gave report to since charge report is vague without the fine details. No response. I was left with no other option than to give report on this patient to my night shift nurse based on my limited charge report for this patient."" I have been at work when I got an emergency call that my husband was having a heart attack and I needed to get to a neighboring hospital right away. One of my co-workers called our house charge, another nurse took a quick (sobbing) report on 8 additional patients and I left the hospital. My world was shattered when I arrived at the hospital to be met by the MD who informed me that after every effort they were not able to revive him. The rest of my day was spent with family and trying to figure out what to do next. If ANYONE from work had texted me to ask questions about my previous patients I would NOT have responded. I was too busy telling my children their father was dead, or telling his mother that she lost her only son! I was so appreciative for my coworkers stepping up to help me leave quickly. I don't know why you think this is a reportable event? What will you benefit from getting this nurse in trouble? I can't believe you couldn't have spent a few extra minutes trying to answer your questions without texting a nurse who you knew was in the middle of a family emergency??? Even if your management is "corrupt" why would you try to use one of your coworkers emergencies to "out" them? I don't even know what else to say regarding this situation.
  7. Cruella de ville

    Getting to know the residents

    When I worked LTC our social workers asked a series of personal questions as part of their admission process. Marital status, kids, (names and where they lived), occupation, hobbies, food likes and dislikes. We would read these in morning report for a few days when each resident was admitted. If they were Vets we asked what branch of service and where they were stationed.
  8. Cruella de ville

    Trouble with A&P I

    When I took A & P I found that almost half the class was retaking it because they didn't do well the first time around. I quickly realized I had to spend way more time studying than I ever thought I would have to, and way more time than I had originally budgeted. It was lots of hard work and I had my notes with me everywhere! In my purse, standing in line at the store, at work for every break, you get the picture. Hope you find something that works for you
  9. Cruella de ville

    Can you refuse to give care to a resident in LTC?

    Are the social workers, supervisors and DON available to be the buddy? I would recommend asking the charge nurse every time to assist you with this challenging patient. Can you work with the social worker to help develop some guidelines for this guy? It sounds like he asks for staff to do things he may be capable of doing himself, in addition to asking for help with things he actually needs help with. I have certainly seen residents like this and it took a lot of brainstorming and lots of support from upper management to finally give the nursing aids a break and the support they had been asking for.
  10. Cruella de ville

    Keeping textbooks for reference?

    As a new nurse 10 yes ago, I kept them and read them almost every night during my first few months of working. Now the only ones I ever read are my pharmacology book to review new meds and study up on older meds.
  11. Cruella de ville

    CNA's not completing assignment. Vent.

    Do the residents want to get up that early? Is it a reasonable assignment to get all the residents up that early in the morning? What time do they have to start waking up residents to complete this expectation? I certainly won't condone anyone not doing their jobs, however I think that maybe this needs review, especially with resident input. The first nursing home I worked at (many years ago) I worked the night shift and we were expected to have all our residents dressed, washed up and ready for breakfast before the day staff arrived. The day shift staff were not very easy to get along with and would tattle to management if any resident was still in bed, they didn't want to hear any excuses as to why these residents were still sleeping. Years later when I started at another nursing home, I was pleasantly surprised that they were letting their residents sleep in until they wanted to get up. The day staff worked in teams and got everyone up throughout the morning. Just my 2cents. Hope things get better for you.
  12. Cruella de ville

    Rumors and who's in charge??

    CapeCodMermaid, I only know you through your posts here on all nurses and I have always felt like you were the kind of manager or DON that I would like to work for. That being said, the last statement you wrote about resonates with me. At my last job our nursing managment was very handsome off and most of us felt like there were unrealistic expectations of the floor/charge nurses. We were told it was our job to write up the LPNs and CNAs. Now this is only my opinion and I don't know what you are actually like as a supervisor, but my frustration with that system was that these were my co-workers and friends and I worked with them day in and day out, if I saw an immediate problem I was the type to just address it on the spot without making a big deal about most issues. But for serious offenses I felt like it was our DONs responsibility to handle. I needed to maintain a working relationship with my co-workers and it seemed to us like she was taking the easy way out by having us handle all discipline. Again, this is probably not what you are asking of your staff, just wanted to give you some other perspective.
  13. Cruella de ville

    What makes your job meaningful?

    Every day we have the chance to make a difference. We see patients at their worst of circumstances and we do have the opportunity to make that a little better for them Whether that is helping an addict feel like we are caring for them as a human being, a new mom who needs to feel like this overwhelming guilt will actually get better, a dementia patient who is so confused and their family who never thought they would have to consider long-term care. The family who has just lost their loved one and is just beginning the stages of grief. Yes, every day we can make a difference in someone's life.
  14. My path to nursing was a little long, I started nursing g school out of high school, but it wasn't meant to be. I got married and had 2 children and wasn't until they were older that I realized that I wanted to finish my degree and be a nurse. My hubbie was so very supportive during nursing school and as I started out as a new nurse. Fast forward several years. He died of a massive heart attack last month and I am all alone. Because of my nursing degree I am able to pay all my bills and not have to worry about money. While I also devestated and have a million other things to worry about... I am so thankful for my nursing degree that I am able to support myself and my kids are off in college and on their own. Just thought I would share my story for anyone who may be struggling.
  15. Cruella de ville

    Please help, this is complicated.

    ^this^ Somehow you managed to sum up part of how I am feeling. Thank you.
  16. Cruella de ville

    Patient Fell and Got up?

    If her care plan had her independent for mobility and you were following the care plan, then there should be no reason anyone should get in trouble.