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  1. rleah

    UCF RN-BSN Spring 2020

    Sorry, it has been a minute since I have been on here. For the most part my experience at UCF has been positive. I have really been impressed by most of my professors. However, I think there's a lot of unneeded busy work. Though I'm sure you probably find that in every program. I would definitely recommend the program.
  2. rleah

    LPN to RN woes

    You are so right, I just have to keep chugging along!
  3. rleah

    LPN to RN woes

    Not exactly the same situation but I felt/feel the same way about my RN-BSN. I graduated in May from an ADN program. I started BSN classes at the same college but will transfer in the spring to a larger university. I am hoping that the transfer kick starts me. Because as of right now, I am lacking in the motivation department. I have realized, that between the NCLEX, a new job and now school, I am burnt out. That being said, I still think it was the best decision. I have known too many CNAs, LPNs, and RNs who put off school and 10 years later they still regret it. So, I am gonna put my head down and drag myself kicking & screaming till I reach the end.
  4. rleah

    UCF RN-BSN Spring 2020

    Hi, I was recently was accepted to UCF's online RN-BSN program. Who else is starting this spring? I was also wondering if anyone is familiar with it? I have so many questions and I am not sure what to expect. 🙂
  5. rleah

    4th nclex attempt

    Yay!!!!! That's awesome! Congratulations! Also passing at 77 is great!!!!
  6. For what it is worth here is my two cents. First you need to do whatever you feel the most comfortable with. If you want to wait until after you have the babies, you should. While it might be illegal or them to ask you about kids, you would probably have to explain the gap in time. If you do really want to take the position, talk to the manager and see what she says. I have worked in L&D for over the last 7 years as a CNA. This is just my experience for where I am at, but there is always someone pregnant. Usually more than one, person. It has never been a big deal even with new hires. Also, breaking into L&D can be very hard. Again, all of this is only my experience, it could be much different where you are.
  7. rleah

    NCLEX/HESI highly overrated

    After 86 questions I walked out feeling like I had bombed it, I clearly didn't since I passed. This was last week so I have had some time to reflect. At the time I felt like it was hard, and strangely worded. Now, I am leaning toward it was more my nerves than the actual test. NCLEX is very much a mental game. I have some major test anxiety, and walking in already shaking is not a great way to start. I feel that with so much riding on this one test, it is very easy for the stress of the whole thing to take over. I went in feeling prepared but nerves still made me second, and triple guess my answers. It is a weird balancing act. While fear of failing motivates you to put in the effort and give the exam the respect it deserves, it may also lead to failing due to crippling anxiety. I always did well on the HESI minus Psych. We had a fundamentals, Med/Surg, Pharmacology, Psychology, and the Exit Hesi once at the beginning of last term and then again at the end. The second time I didn't study for the Exit. I wanted to see where I was. I killed it, but that still did not help with my NCLEX anxiety. 🙂
  8. rleah

    4th nclex attempt

    (Hugs) Have you tried the Pearson Vue Trick yet?
  9. rleah

    PVT Accuracy June 2019

    You are supposed to wait for the email from pearson. My understanding is you can get the wrong pop-up if you do not wait for it. I passed last week and the PVT trick really worked!
  10. rleah

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    This is only anecdotal information. However, both off the males I know who recently took it passed at 75 and 130.
  11. rleah

    St. Johns River 2019 Program Applicants

    So, it has been about 2 years since I went through the application process, so some of this might have changed. You could apply with both your HESI score and/or GPA. My rotation we were told the lowest GPA was around a 3.6-7 and the lowest HESI was a 92. GPA was based of your pre-recs. Prior degrees did not factor into selection(at least on paper). The fall is currently when the most seats are open. 36 at OrangePark and 36 at Palatka when applying you can select one campus or both. Selecting both gives you much better odds. I think they said over 200 applied. I hope this has been helpful
  12. rleah

    SJR State College Fall 2018

    Have you called to see if you were put on the wait list? We had some people join who were waitlisted.
  13. I am so sorry you are going through this. Some places can be toxic and demanding no matter the situation. You will get through just keep you eyes on the prize. How far are you into nursing school if you don't mind me asking?
  14. I completely agree with being able to tell who worked as a CNA previously. Most will jump right in when you need help. Though there are exceptions to that as well.
  15. That's why I wrote the article, and made the video. The work can be very physically demanding. For a lot of people this could be their first job in healthcare and they have no idea what to expect. I was hoping to shine a little light on it.
  16. Thank you for your feedback. I agree so many variables. Whats right for one person my not be right for another. It was the right call for me, I love my job!