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Do you quickly grasp on to new concepts from the first lecture?


Whenever I am in class and the teacher is giving a lecture or explaining a new concept to me..I don't know what the heck they are talking about:confused: I am sitting there like what:confused::confused: and it seems like the other students seem to catch on the moment the professor explains it to them. They are already blurting out the correct answers when we were just taught it like 5 minutes ago. Maybe they are fast learners

I start to understand when I go home, go over my notes and study the chapter, do some internet research to understand it better.. and that's when I finally get it. So the next day I go to class I am able blurt out the right answer and seem really smart:wink2:


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I don't know if you do this, but it might help to read the selected readings before class. If you've already previewed the information, it's often easier to pick up when you hear it in class. :) Hope this helps.

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Depends what kind of new topic it is. If it's something that touches on things from the prereqs, I've been fine so far. If it's an entirely new concept (like percussion for examination) it helps do to readings and practice the skill before it'll really sink in.

That could be your problem. I don't know how many times I've been told by instructors to read ahead of time so we won't be so lost in class. It helps.

I read before the lecture and I find that helps! If you don't understand during class but you do later, it's fine, as long as you learn it!!!

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I'm sometimes one of the ones that blurt out the correct answer within the first five minutes of lecture.

What helps me is typing the objectives which requires me to read the main key points in the text. I usually do this before every class !

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i used to freak out and read it all before class, now i skim it, look for terms that i dont get, and do my pretest/ homework for that chapter, and get started on flash cards... then i go back, to what i had done already, and just kinda go over a little to make sure, i am up to par, since we have comulative finals, i dont want to forget, or have to cram for that! so i will always review a little!!!

i dont ever crack my head anymore on somethinig i dont know, or if it doesn't click! it is just not worth the loss of time,

if it is important, i will ask here, or google it, if not, oh well i will learn it in class, that is why we have instructors right?

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