Do PRN positions let you pick what days you want to work?


Would it be possible to work a prn position on weekends only most of the time? I'm looking at taking a M-F job and was wanting to keep my foot in the door at the hospital so I was wondering just how flexible these positions were.


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When I was a prn patient care tech while in nursing school I made my own schedule and handed it in every month. The nurses did the same thing. But I was always pulled to wherever they needed me throughout the whole hospital which sucked because I hated some units.


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O it just depends on the facility/unit/job. Some are call-only - they only call you when they have a call-out or whatever to see if you can work. Others, like mentioned above, pretty much allow you to make your own schedule. Still others will have a schedule made but with holes in the schedule that need staffing and you get the option of which shift(s) you can cover. And, of course, there are situations where you are technically PRN but pretty much work a set schedule.

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Where I work, per diem nurses do schedule themselves for wherever they want, and if you want weekends, all the better. Many of my per diem coworkers have jobs in research and work in my unit to keep their skills current.

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Ok thanks!! :)

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We put out what days we need covered and we have minimum you have work, including one weekend per month and 2 major holidays (one winter one summer)

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Mine does, I am lowest level per diem so that I think I only have to obligate to one shift every three months. Next level is you need a weekend shift and a holiday, obligated to one shift month. Next level is $$$ but you cover several holidays and I think more on weekends. Depends on the facility - I'm happy with a lot of freedom :rolleyes:

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The thing is this: You can PICK all the shifts you want- that doesn't mean the facility NEEDS you for those shifts. So you have to assume that the least desirable shifts are the ones with the biggest likelihood of you getting to work. Have a friend who works per diem, but only signs up for M-F days. Gets pizzed because she never gets called. Caveat emptor

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Depends on your facility policy. Most places will let you pick what you want to work as long as you meet the minimum scheduling requirements.

If you're planning to work PRN on the weekends, you shouldn't have a lot of problems getting shifts.

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I am a PRN employee who picks the days I want to work. My place of employment has a policy requiring PRN employees to work at least one weekend per month.

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You might also want to look into the requirements for holiday work. Per diem staff have to work at least 1 summer and 1 winter holiday in addition to keeping up on all yearly competencies.

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I no longer work at a hospital. I work prn at a free standing GI lab and either I tell them when I can work, or the DON asks me if I can work a given shift. We are not open nights, weekends, or holidays, so it works well for me.