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Do you plan on working while in nursing school?


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Right now I work and go to school at night and my husband is a stay-at-home dad. But when I start nursing school - the plan is he's going to have the be the bread winner. That scared the heck out of me!!! :uhoh21:

So are you planning on working while in nursing school - or is someone else going to support you?


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My fiance will be supporting me so I can fully focus on NS. I don't think I'd be able to handle the stress of work, school, and most importantly, my child.


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I plan to work in the per diem CNA pool at the local hospital. That way, If I need more time for my studies, I take my name out of the hat.

Yes, I will be working fulltime during NS but my current job is in a call center and I can study between calls. I'm trying to decide whether to work as a CNA during NS but the study time would be the problem. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Yes, I plan on working during nursing school. I am starting my pre-reqs this quarter and hoping for Fall 2009 admission. Thankfully, I only have to worry about myself, no kids and no marriage, and have a pretty decent job right now that I can support myself with. Working full time is not going to be fun or easy while going to NS, but it's something Iv'e gotta do.

volumne and we can do whatever we want in between calls, including read, study, talk on cell phone, even watch online shows or movies.

I currently am fulltime, but if it gets to be too much I will ask to switch to part time for sure and just work 2 days a week. It would hurt a little financially but would definately be doable!

I will be working full time. I am working lots of OT right now to pay my bills off so I can cut my hours down when I do not have a choice. I am lucky enough to have a job where I can study at work.

I'm planning on working during ns but who knows if it gets too demanding i might cut back. My husb and I are currently working at eliminating our debt and i'm starting my last few prereqs in january.

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i am working... and i plan to be able to keep on doing so...!


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I don't plan on working while in NS. I give kudos to those who do..I know it must be tough to balance everything!

Yes I plan on working, unless congress gets into gear and passes the New G.I.Bill Amendment. If that happens, then I will have to weigh my options, but as of now, I do not have a choice in the matter.

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depends. right now i think i will work a part time. this summer before i go to college i want to utilize my cna liscence that i will get to make sure that this is what i want.


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Whether it is a regular job or a work-study job, I plan to work at least PT during NS.

I am also working and going to school I have six kids, what works for me is having good resources and save when I can from my job now for when I do start my internship. Doing this will teach you how to save money and you will have a dino egg to fall back on.


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No I will not be working. I have been told that I can expect to be in school or at clinicals between 4 and 5 days a week. Then on Sundays we have to go to our clinical site and pick up stuff for the week. In addition there will be homework, and clinical stuff to prepare. I have three kiddos and I just don't think I could work.

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I am hoping to not have to work if possible. I'll be starting right after my husband finishes college (if I get in the semester I'm planning on) and if he gets a good job, I'll hopefully not work. If he gets an okay job, I'll see about going part time.

Yep, I have to work. The family is on my health insurance. And luckilly my school is restructuring the nursing program to accomodate people like me that have to work their way through school. This way I'll only have to take 1 day off from work and leave a lil early 2 other days to do clinical at night. And I think other schools may follow suit. I think the school realized that in liu of the nursing shortage something had to be done. And they realize that the majority of their applicants aren't straight out of high school kids. Most are adults who have other pressing responsibilities like work and family to consider while trying to pursue their nursing degree. This restructuring is going into effect this fall and should be in full swing when I start NS in fall 09 (if I get in). So hang in there all those who have to work and want to study nursing. You never know what opportunities may arrive.

I will not be working while in NS BUT to do so, we have decided to move back in with parents to save $$ and pay for school. My husband is very supportive and its a TEMPORARY sacrifice that will worth it in the end! Thats what I keep telling myself b/c ughhhh I dont know! lol

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