Do nursing student feel like they may fail EVERYDAY ?

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I was talking to two students today that are about to enter Nursing 3 in the Fall,

I am starting Nursing 1 ( of a 4 semester ADN Program).

Their advise was

1. Dont work ( or work as little as possible)

2. Tape lectures and put them on CD

3. Study Study Study

4. Prepare to feel EVERYDAY like you just may Fail

:bowingpur Is it that bad ??????????????

yesdog, BSN, RN

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No, it's not bad, it's the truth. A little bit of fear is good. It keeps you motivated to study hard! You can do it! Good luck!


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Thanks yesdog...

Yes fear is motivating, Ill give you that, but now Im PETRIFIED !!!

Thanks for the words of encouragement

yesdog, BSN, RN

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Don't be petrified. That is not productive. if you stay motivated, keep organized, and study hard, you will do great! Good luck!

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stay motivated, try to keep up on the reading, but read to understand, not just to get through it. Not as scary as I thought it was. I bought a recorder and never used it

9livesRN, BSN, RN

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i just feel like everyday is my first day of class, so i pay attention, and record, take noted and what not, just as if it was my first day!!!

it keeps boring lectures interesting!


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The experience is different for everyone. I haven't had to tape letures so far, but I pay attention in class and take great notes. Works for me. Watching the people around me drop like flies just motivates me to keep working harder.

Stay positive. Don't waste energy being worried. Going into this with the attitude that you WILL pass, then take the necessary steps to make sure that you do pass. Good luck!


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That was all just ADVICE! :) The first class is meant to be a "Weeder" course (I'm in my 4th semester now in an ADN program) so yeah, you might see your class shrink.

The first unit is your time to experiement with studying techniques. You're first test is a great indicator of what works and what doesn't. In our program you're allowed to tank one test and not fail. You fail more than one, better kick it into super high gear.

I do as much reading as I can, but I take really good notes. I've never recorded a class, and I won't lie I've never done ALL the reading. I do have friends in the class that do ALL the reading, make their own outlines of the chapter, all before lecture. I also have friends that just type all their notes during class on their laptops.

It's whatever you're comfortable with.

Good Luck!!!!

Everyday won't be cherry pie, but everyday is a learning experience.

Don't forget YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!! It's only 2 years, and you will make the best friends you've ever had during those two years.


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I think it is more accurate to say, feel like no matter how hard you work you will never feel like it is enough.

I don't agree with the no working thing. I am a single mother, work full time at one job, part time at another, take daughter to dance, girl scouts etc, cook, clean and am a full time nursing student and am an almost straight A student (one B by one point last semester) you can work and do just fine.

I do not find that taping lectures to be helpful.

The biggest tip is to do ALL your reading, do not get behind.

When you study for a test do it in 3 different sessions (each one can be as long as you want but take a break every hour)

Session 1- vocabulary- learn all the vocabulary, what it means

Session 2 - concepts

Session 3- anything you still are having trouble with

These sessions are not part of your reading, that should have already been done.


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Stay focused i am a single parent work part time and have an A-B average...and I'm almost finished if this is your calling the learing will be great but it may be difficult at times but you can get through

nkara, CNA

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I hate people that say "Don't work" during nursing school. That just isn't possible for some of us. I personally plan on studying my A@@ off and working my 40 hour night job and getting my license.

YOu can do it! don't let anyone discourage you or make you nervous.



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you can do whatever you put your mind to...including nursing school! is it hard? heck yeah! i was something close to a nervous breakdown when i went back to ns (i was 35 and one of the oldest in our class). i was scared to death that it was going to be too hard, i wasn't smart enough, i was too old. i prepared everyday the best i could because i wanted that "cushion" just in case i didn't do so great on the next test...the result? almost straight a's. had a couple of b's, but i had 2 kids, worked, studied and participated in life as best as i could through that year...the bottom line? if you want it bad enough, work for it! it is so worth it in the end! good luck!!

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