Do any of the New RNs carry reference book with them to a hospital?


Hi.I just purchased a Manual of Nursing Practice by Lippincott.I think it is great reference any new RN's/seasoned RNs carry a reference book with them to their job and did you find it helpful in getting you through the begging of your career.


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The hospital I work at has a few nursing reference books on the unit and tons of med books. Having your own book at your side definitely wouldn't hurt. Also, your hospital should have documented policies and procedure protocols that are easily accessible (how to check blood sugar, how to tx pt, how to prep for surgery, etc). For me, my preceptor and the protocols were the most helpful. I used a reference book to clarify or visualize something I didn't understand.

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We have reference books on each unit, and policies and procedures are accessible online. We also have access to online reference texts as well.

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Policy and procedure manuals are online. We have refrence books in the break room. We also have a drug book on the unit too.

Most units will have reference books. I think a pocket guide may be better. Less likely to get lost. You can get those at Border's or Barnes and Noble.

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I'd put my name all over the thing, including the sides of the pages so you can see it when the book is closed. These things have a way of "walking off" when no one is looking.

Rather than bringing your own, maybe you could talk with your unit manager or educator and suggest that it might make a good up-to-date reference for the unit. Many times, the reference books on any given unit are old. Replacing them wouldn't likely show up on the radar unless someone brought it up. Be that someone.

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My hospital has the policies and procedures manuals in alphabetical order on the computer.

The drug reference guide is on the computer too.

It would be helpful to have reference material at home for home study.

I still use my textbooks and drug guide as references after work.

At work, I find that I have enough stuff to keep track of without bringing books.

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Honestly I have not picked up a single manual or reference since I started. I have attended alot of inservices and classes for unit specific procedures such as PD but I really have not looked up anything.

The drug reference is on the computer and that is the only thing I have used to just double check stuff.


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Our units have the book you mentioned on each of the floors. Personally unless you have a big locker at work, we do not. ours is small cubby. I would not bring an expensive book to work. Somehow they get legs we have never figured out where they go. Often we loosely just say a student must have grabbed it by mistake. However, we notice the books are not returned.

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see below post

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I have a couple reference books in my locker at all times, I don't need them too often, but once in awhile I will refer to them. My unit has new drug hand books, but the nursing reference books are at least 5-7 years old.

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I keep Kathy White manual for critical care in my tote bag. Use it mostly for drip rates etc.

Some nurses have PDAs with references such as meds, labs etc on them.


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It just dawned on me, I keep a palm pilot in my pocket while at work. I have used the various programs as I need them. Much easier than lugging a book back and forth to work, and as I mentioned we do have reference books on the unit.

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