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jpRN84 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Psychiatric, Detox/Rehab, Geriatrics.

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  1. I think almost all of the states require you to sit for the NCLEX. Good luck to you!
  2. jpRN84

    Drug Seekers

    It sounds like she was drug seeking. One thing to always remember is, that patients should know all the medication they are taking by name, it's their right. Just because someone asks for their med by name doesn't mean they are drug seeking. Never forget that.
  3. jpRN84

    Ever Killed Someone?

    You can't control what people are going to say, just ignore the ones that feel the need to talk down to people. They have the right to voice their opinion, and we have the right to ignore it.
  4. jpRN84

    Psych. RNs

    I agree with Nialloh, you are a New Grad, with not much experience I'm guessing. You will need someone to lean on for advice and help and mentoring. I wouldn't take it if that wasn't available to you. If that is available to you, I would take it if you don't have any other job offers, as it's better than having no job at all, and in the mean time you can still look for more work else where. Good luck to you.
  5. jpRN84

    Pennsylvania Joins ADN vs BSN Debate

    This very sad that this is going on, there could be an associate degree nurse who is a much better nurse than a bachelors degree nurse, yet the hospital will miss out, and the patients in that hospital will miss out as well, since they would hire only the bachelors degree nurse, because they have a bachelors degree and not even consider that associate degree nurse.
  6. jpRN84

    Behavioral Unit anyone?

    I like the term Psychiatric Nursing, not Behavioral Health Nursing or Mental Health Nursing. It is Psychiatry after all, I never heard of a Psychiatrist call themselves anything else.
  7. jpRN84

    Psychiatric CNS in Pennsylvania

    Thank you for your reply elkpark. It's very sad that they would hire people with less education to do the therapy. But as the say, money makes the world goes around, and companies are gonna pinch their pennies any chance they can get, even at the expense of cutting down good quality care it seems. I've always wanted to be a Psych CNS, but It seems like because of the state I live in, I'm going to have to go the Psych NP route, as that what seems to be in demand in this state and I would have less of a chance finding a job for a Psych CNS as most employers just want those Psych NP's to write scripts. Thanks again.
  8. jpRN84

    still a good idea to get med/surg experience first?

    I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be a psych nurse, and when I graduated nursing school, there were no psych jobs available, so I did medical nursing for 6 months, which now that I did that, Im glad that i have that experience to draw upon. Good luck to you!
  9. jpRN84

    Psychiatric CNS in Pennsylvania

    Hello all, I was wondering if there were any Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialists on here from PA? I live in PA and am interested in getting my MSN as a Psych CNS, but when I search for jobs for it, I can't really find any. In my state CNS's cant prescribe meds, which I think is very sad. Most of the time all I find are Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner positions. I wouldn't mind learning to prescribe meds as a Psych NP, but I'm more interested in the therapy aspect, which I hear and have read is that the Psych CNS is more about. Thanks so much for all your time and help. It is greatly appreciated. :-D
  10. jpRN84

    Travel Agencies for Psych

    Hello Everyone! Does anyone know of any good agencies that have good placements for Psych Nurses, I know of PsychNurseStat, but I cant seem to find any others. Thank you all for any help that you can give me. I appreciate it thoroughly. Jon
  11. jpRN84

    Right to defense against violence on adolescent unit

    post deleted
  12. she said she did check the arm band, but got it mixed up after getting interrupted, and wasnt sure who was supposed to get what med...Now at that point, if you wasnt sure, you should have went back to medication administration record and check again. Good luck to you in the future. :-)
  13. jpRN84

    Waiting for NP job, working as RN

    I know when I was in nursing school, one of our instructors who's an NP worked in the hospital as an RN, and didnt come across any problems. She only did the RN thing PRN though for a summer before our clinicals to refresh herself as working as a bedside nurse after years of working as an NP. Good luck on your job!
  14. jpRN84

    Pa hospital system won't hire smokers

    It's discrimination- plain and simple!
  15. I work in a drug and alcohol detox/rehab. We use methadone and suboxone to treat opiate withdrawal, except they cant have suboxone if they have been on benzos or using alcohol. We use phenobarbital to taper people off of benzos, and we use Librium for alcohol withdrawal. Where I work it's a mix between medical and psych, but leans more to psych...all the patients have to pretty much be medically stable to be there...we dont have IVs or stuff like that. Also, know what withdrawal symptoms to watch for, for benzos and alcohol clients, the big thing to watch out for are seizures. Also, these clients can be very manipulative, so remember to be firm, fair, and consistent. It's a great field to work in. I've been doing it now for about 2 1/2 years. Best of luck to you!
  16. Psychiatric clinical nurse specialist or psychiatric nurse practitioner for me.