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Do i need a license to be a navy nurse?

I got my BSN but ran into some licensure issues with the board. Will the navy still take me?


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They may still take you, but not as a nurse, you must have a license.


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Not as a nurse. You CANNOT work as a nurse without a valid license.

You don't necessarily have to have a license from the state in which you're currently residing, but you will have to have an active, valid license to practice as an RN in a US state.

but let's say i wanted to work in informatics, or some other non-clinical position. it's just that i have a background in nursing and a BSN, just no license. however, i'm a very technical personal and i was never big on floor nursing. can i still find a decent job in the navy?


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No they will still not take you. Everyone in the Navy gets assigned a designator code which tells the bureau of navy medicine what you are educated in and licensed to do. Without that designator you do not exist in the Navy. And they will not assign you a nursing designator without an active, unrestricted license. Sorry but you need to get that taken care of before you even apply otherwise they will try to get you to join via the enlisted route which would be a waste of time for someone who already has a degree.

bummer :(

but what if i'm not looking for a nursing designator code? can i be assigned another designator code?

athena55, BSN, RN

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Yeah, you can be assigned another MOS but not in nursing, and like other posters have stated;

If your state BON will not issue you a license, then good luck with your ambition to join the Navy, but not as a nurse.

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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Depending on way you can not get your license can come into play no matter what AOC you get in any of the services.

Depending on way you can not get your license can come into play no matter what AOC you get in any of the services.

sorry jeck, but i'm assuming AOC means Area Of Concentration?

AOC - Military and Government

if that's the case, then how are MOS and AOC related?

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MOS = enlisted, AOC = officer. :)

MOS = enlisted, AOC = officer. :)

OIC... thank you!

What was the issue that didn't allow the BON to grant you a license? That same issue could keep you from joining the military...

deferred adjudication for class A misdemeanor assault. but i'm already off probation. so it shouldn't be a problem... maybe i should talk to a recruiter...

jeckrn, BSN, RN

Specializes in EMT, ER, Homehealth, OR.

Yes, it could be a big problem. You will need a waiver for that, it could be hard even going enlisted at this point with the downsizing. It never hurts to ask because if you don't the answer is always no, but don't get your hopes up too high.


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