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Critical Care Emergency Military Nursing
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navyman7 has 10 years experience and specializes in Critical Care Emergency Military Nursing.

B.S. in Nursing. Navy Nurse >7 yrs.

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  1. navyman7

    Passed the AANP FNP Certification Yesterday-Tips!

    Great post. I am curious about how much time people have taken to prep before the test? Weeks, Months?
  2. navyman7

    AANP FNP (Failed -> Passed!)

    Great post, thank you.
  3. navyman7

    Passed the AANP-FNP Exam March 16th

    Great explanation, thank you. I feel like I have a million questions for you, but i'll try and keep it to a few. 1. How many months did you give yourself to study before the exam? For the GRE/CCRN, I gave myself 3-4 months for each. 2. Which exam did you take? AANP vs AANC? 3. What would you change about your prep, prep exams, books etc. If any? Thanks again for any insight you can give.
  4. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    And Aircraft Carriers of course. thanks dschulte.
  5. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    SNLO: you will be busy as a nurse. 12+ hour shifts, 7 shifts over 2 weeks, plus it can be very challenging trying to take your leave/vacation. As with any facility, you will be busy. Regarding ship life; unless you are selected to deploy on the Mercy or Comfort, or end up working on a FST or ERSS team, you won't see sea duty. And Yes, I always felt safe on a ship. I suggest reading some of the earlier posts in this thread to get an idea of what navy nursing can be like. It should help with a lot of your questions. Also you need to be a little more specific in your questions, not sure what to say about your statement about wanting to be a critical care nurse. Good luck
  6. navyman7

    New to Navy, ODS, Portsmouth-need any help?

    Just to clarify some things that corpsmen can do; what they can do all depends on where you work. Corpsmen in the ICU can do much more than corpsmen who work on stepdown or L&D units and vice verse. My corpsmen can work with central lines, push IV meds, etc. Just don't abuse the corpsmen. They are there to learn from nurses how to take care of those people downrange. They are not there to do the nurses work for them. Remember that. Too often do I see the nurses complain that the corpsmen are not doing what the nurses tell them to do, Whilst the nurses sit back and surf the internet all day. Just trying to state all the facts and start you out right is all. Good luck in your new career.
  7. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    Pandabear: I am sorry to say but the recruiter would be the best one to answer your question. It's been so long since I came in that I don't remember what kinds of things that help an application look good. I do know that grades, and experience go a long way. As mentioned before, I don't think that any branch accepts AD Nurses anymore. Not even the reserves. Also, just because you join the reserves doesn't mean that you won't deploy. In fact more reserve nurses seem to be deploying these days vs active duty. Not sure why that's the trend right now but that's what I am seeing.
  8. navyman7

    Thinking about joining the military as a nurse

    Check out my thread; Military Nursing Questions Answered. Many great questions/answers there. Also nurses can go into battle while deployed. Check your facts. FST's/FOB's can and often are on the border of the fighting and take incoming fire/mortar fire. Also some AF PJ's are nurses too and they may have to lay down some lead at times. Also ships can be deployed to a combat zone where nurses may be.
  9. Bad idea to enlist. Take out a loan, apply for scholarships, etc. DO NOT ENLIST. You will be so sad that you did. Many of my corpsmen are biting at the chance to get out and get into school. You will be treated like crap, paid poorly, and have to wait many years just to be able to use your GI Bill. Yes there are other ways than the GI Bill but it is a competitve world and unless you are the absolute best in a field of overachievers then I wouldn't If I were you. I know how it is wanting to be done with school and wanting to almost anything to get there, but enlisting is NOT the route. Good luck in your search.
  10. navyman7

    Best Navy Hospital for Critical Care

    JP307: A recruiter can guarantee NOTHING! I was guaranteed so much, and I have been so disappointed over the years. I know many people that have their CCRN and have not been admitted to the ICU. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Also if you're looking to continue to take care of level 1 trauma patients then the Navy is probabaly not the best place. Most of the pt's we see are retirees/dependent family members. Rarely, if not ever, do we ever get a real trauma. Think about it this way, when there is a trauma in the U.S. where does it happen? Not typically on a military base. It's out in town somewhere. Then who gets called, 911. 911 responds as usual and EMS/Paramedics respond and take you to the local level 1 trauma center, not the Navy base. If your looking for adrenaline packed trauma and excitement then you won't find it in the Navy. You may find it eventually IF you deploy, but thats the only time. Sorry but this is really how it is 99% of the time. Also, regarding the big 3. They can suck the life out of you with all the politics and BS. Many of my friends have been much happier at other midsized commands. And yes, you can request such places. Just don't put a big 3 on your list otherwise that's what you'll get.
  11. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    RESINGRN, Typically they would place you in the PICU because you have a specialty that takes time to train people in. Now things are changing at our hospital where they may put you somewhere regardless of your training and wants because they think that you need to learn how to be an officer first and then you can move to a specialty area. It's a load of crap! But that's what I am seeing at NMCSD. Hopefully not the case at other places. Good luck.
  12. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    RGR 22, I know of an Anesthesiologist (MDA) who was a prior nurse. Also it's not uncommon to meet former SEALS/Pilots who have left that area to become PA's or something like that. I think in most cases, they utilize some sort of scholarship program or use their GI Bill to get their degrees. You would need to speak to someone who has actually done it, otherwise I think that any info from a recruiter would be based on speculation.
  13. navyman7

    Answers needed on becoming a navy nurse!

    Please check out my thread; Military Nursing Questions Answered. A recruiter does NOT know all. I know he'll disagree with me but they leave out LOTS. I have answered many of these questions and more.
  14. navyman7

    Deployment in Nurse Corps

    lvlynn, navymurse you are correct. I work in the ICU and most every military nurse has deployed or will deploy during their time in the unit. Other areas do deploy just not as much. If you work in other areas of the hospital there is a slim possibility that you could deploy. If you are wanting to deploy then you need to get to the ICU/ED. Good luck.
  15. PMFB RN, Thanks for posting this. I have encouraged many of our corpsmen to do the same. Then do a LPN-BSN type program. We also have nurses working with us who were able to test the AD program too. I believe they were E-6's and above though (IDC chiefs). Great program!
  16. navyman7

    Military Nursing Questions Answered

    Ginacat/surfnnurse: sorry to say that my knowledge base is limited to AD nursing mostly. I only know a little about the reserves as I have encountered many reserve nurses while deployed and in the hospital while they do there "one weekend a month". So I am sorry to say that I can't answer those questions accurately. Do your best and try to speak to a reservist nurse. Remember a recruiter will give you some helpful info, but they may be withholding a lot more than you realize. I know this firsthand. Goodluck in your search.