Do CRNAs also tangle lines!?

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Asking for a friend...

MDAs are notorious for tangled lines. And who can blame them? I'm sure the tangling is unintentional and happens from positioning and areas of sterility beyond their control.

Do CRNAs (former ICU nurses aka lovers of organized lines) leave the organized line obsession behind in ICU or do they carry it over to the OR?

Disclaimer this is meant to be light hearted.

Tangly MDAs, CRNAs, and tangly ED nurses all rock!

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I feel like this is similar to the concept of the buttered cat paradox.

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I have very clear memories from my CVICU days, CRNA rolling the pt up, and quickly setting to work on the spaghetti. :laugh:

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and you know, I never thought of that -- CRNAs' lack of line-OCD.

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I'm a lowly floor nurse (although I also float to PCU/CCU several times a year) and I have Line-OCD issues, too!

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