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Watching TV is fraught with peril when you a nursing student. You can watch medical movies or TV and diagnose everyone! You can quickly point out errors in the plot too. What have you watched recently where you picked out inconsistencies or just downright fallacies. Share your observations.

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Watching a "Code Blue" on Greys Anatomy with the monitor above the patient showing NSR:sarcastic:


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In a popular sitcom, a baby came out of the mother's vagina already dressed!

When it comes to noticing fallacies, House is probably the worst offender. That medical "team" did everything from inserting the NG tubes to performing the MRI's, to running the lab, to running the dialysis machine. Uh-huh. Riiiight.

There was never a nurse on the set unless it was House calling for a cleanup on aisle five.

(Nursing students-- and the general public-- should be aware that this is not reality :) ).


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In a popular sitcom, a baby came out of the mother's vagina already dressed!

Oh no, no, no... I don't want to believe this. Please tell me you're joking.


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I have always liked the comatose patient neatly arranged in the bed in the highest position! TV hospital beds never seem to have (or need) side rails.

The awkward moment when the viewer notice all the nurses have double d's and could probably double as peaches in a strip club.