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QuiltDog specializes in Hospice Nursing.

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  1. QuiltDog

    When Hospice Goes Wrong

    I am so sorry for you loss. I lost my husband to cancer last December...glad you are getting counseling. I work for the on call/triage tea, for my hospice, and I have also been a supervisor. If this happened at my agency, this would have gone to the very top levels of management to be dealt with. God bless you...
  2. QuiltDog

    Why do you wear a white coat? (if you indeed do)

    No, no, not at all
  3. QuiltDog

    Why do you wear a white coat? (if you indeed do)

    You beat me to it. I am guessing a laundress is a chick who does laundry while sporting long, flowing, well-oiled locks of hair
  4. QuiltDog

    GUM! Can you chew it on shift?

    Good call!
  5. QuiltDog

    GUM! Can you chew it on shift?

    That's a lot of hatin!!
  6. QuiltDog


    Go on Facebook and search for Ohio University RN to BSN online. It is a tremendous group and you can find syllabi for all the courses. Good luck!
  7. QuiltDog

    Brian Short News

    My condolences to the Short family and the AN staff. I have no words to express how sad this news makes me.
  8. QuiltDog

    Hello out there......anybody there?

    My agency has 2 IPUs. The one I work in is pretty consistently full (40 beds). Our other unit runs pretty full as well. I am not sure why such a difference in what everyone else is reporting. We also have a dedicated continuous care team
  9. You came here looking for opinions and you have received some very good advice. Even if you do not like what was said, take it to heart and learn from it. I have been a nurse for 29 years with the last 11 years in hospice, so I have some experience with pain management Many in the health care arena still do not know how to adequately treat pain, whether due to ignorance or fear, or who knows why. Use this as a catalyst to learn more about the principles of pain management. Your patients will greatly benefit
  10. QuiltDog

    You are NOT allergic to...

    I agree with you both on the Reglan. Had IV Reglan and did not enjoy the sensation at all. I list that as an intolerance when at a provider.
  11. QuiltDog

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    That is a pretty large dose!!
  12. QuiltDog

    Best Online Nursing Schools- post RN

    There is no entirely online entry level RN program. All programs will have clinical, or hands on, hours associated with them For example, I achieved my RN from a community college with a classroom and clinical component. Fast forward many years, and I am going for my BSN via on online program I hope this makes sense! Good luck to you
  13. QuiltDog

    You are NOT allergic to...

    I agree with your corollary 100%!!!! I feel the same way and have seen it many times
  14. QuiltDog

    Elephant in the China Shop

    Haha I was thinking the same thing! Mixing metaphors!
  15. QuiltDog

    IV Skills for Hospice?

    When I did home hospice (now in an inpatient hospice unit), I probably had one blood draw and one IV start in about 3 years. We always had a nurse on our team that was proficient at this so we could use her as a resource.
  16. QuiltDog

    is hospice nurse and hospice case manager same thing?

    No one said you would do poorly at your new role. I think we we all concerned that this job was not going to be what you were bargaining on. Hospice nursing is not easy and comes with its own unique set if challenges, however, I can't imagine doing anything else! Good luck on your new job!