Did you get a flu shot?


Just curious about reasons as to why or why not...

Im smacking myself for not getting one a month ago (as all my children did) and am somewhat nervous going back to work soon (working 4 days straight around and on New Years)... I'm tempted to wear a mask...

I have never had a flu shot. Kept meaning to get one this year at employee health since our pediatrician said its predicted to be a terrible flu season. Now we will see if I can still get one Monday. Even then, how long does it take the body to build resistence? Im also taken back by the # of people that have told me they still had a terrible flu, despite the vaccination. I understand there is a strain out there (Fujian) that is not covered by the current vaccination, however that one can still get some cross-over protection. (?)

A friend who works in a downtown ER did not get a flu shot, nor is he worried... I couldnt imagine working in the ER and not getting the flu shot! But as one poster said, never got another flu shot after getting the most horrible flu ever, I would understand...

so did you get one? why, why not?

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I procrastinated after I decided to get it, only to find out the state of Florida is completely out. So I'm kicking myself too. Oh well, there are some strains already that it doesn't work for.

That said, I've never had the flu shot, so I'm feeling o.k. about it. I've had the flu maybe once or twice. But the last time was last year, with nausea, muscle aches and fever, but no sinus or respiratory symptoms. Weird. And I got over it fast.


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Thats another thing... I also thought I had it last week but when it lasted only 4 days I thought maybe it wasnt the flu. The body aches are killer!

I am just not understanding why some supposedly 'healthy' are not surviving this flu. I understand dehydration and pneumonia are culprits but arent these things treatable? or is the damage done already by the time one comes in?

Absolutely!! Would not miss it, the flu is NO fun at all!. Hopefully I'll miss the strain that this years flu shot did not catch. Hopefully ALL of us here will!!


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yes. every year.


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every years since I began nursing except one and that year I got the flu and it was the worst I have ever been sick in my life. I was down for two weeks and I never really get sick. I vowed never to miss it again.The shot can not give you the flu! It does however give some people some effect such as muscle soreness and lightheadedness usually only for a day or two though. It is an attenuated virus that only builds anti-bodies. Your friend that took the shot and then had the worst flu ever had one of two things happen.

A. The shot was given and he acquired the flu within the 10-14 days that it takes to build resistance.

B. He got a strain of the flu which isn't covered by the vaccine.

Just like is happening this year. Although I have heard that even though the strain that is virulent this year is much less aggrivating to those of us that took the vaccine. Good Luck to all of you that failed to get the vaccine because they are saying now that it is either gone or being given only to high risk people such as COPDrs and asthma and women past third month of pregnancy.


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I am the one who gives the flu shots at my work to all of the employees and volunteers free of charge. I held two full days of flu shot clinic, and gave about 200 shots. Those who chose not to get one, are desperate to have one now, however we are now out of vaccine like everyone else.....I get one every year, except for the one year I didn't get one, I got the flu terribly and was bedridden. Thank goodness I have a wonderful sister who came over to check on me, and brought me fluids, and soups, as I had nothing in the house and I couldn't get out of bed to go out. I recommend everyone get the flu shot. My only regret now, is that I didn't have my kids get one. I didn't think it was necessary at the time, but now I am hearing about kids dying and I am scared.


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I did not get the flu shot. Never do. When I worked in LTC, every single year the week after the flu shot, there were ALWAYS at least one, sometimes two or three residents who would get the flu and die! They can tell me the shot doesn't give you the flu but I don't believe it.

AND they're saying the current strain of flu that is killing people is not in the current flu shot, so how is it going to help??? Just by stimulating the immune system?


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I've only received one or two flu vaccinations during my lifetime. I did not receive one this year. I have a very healthy immune system and rarely come down with anything. I am hesitant, therefore, to allow ANYTHING to be injected into my body. Also, I am concerned about possible autoimmune reactions to vaccinations. This is a personal thing. I still think mass immunizations are good and help prevent a lot of deaths.


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we can't you won't take the vaccine, LOL

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:D :D :D :p


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I never get it.

I'm kind of scared of getting shots.



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