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developmental psychology and human growth and development same?

was wondering if both of these considered similar and it will cover the requirement?

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Moved to student nursing forum. I would ask the school BEFORE sigining up. Best wishes


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I do believe so. However, some of the developmental psych courses are actually categorized as child developmental psych, adolescent psych etc. If in doubt, call up the school/psych department and ask.

In my experience, schools are in the business of declining courses that don't have the exact same title.

in my school these were two different classes. You had Growth and Development (which is mandatory for all nursing students) and then there was Developmental Psychopathology (which was considered a level 300 elective course toward your psych major/minor). I enjoyed both classes.

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I had to take developmental psych instead of human growth & development. Both I believe are the same thing.