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  1. Concordia BSN Program?

    ATI is a testing program made by same company that does NCLEX. Google "ATI cut scores". Just know that getting anything above an 85 %or so is very rare.
  2. Concordia BSN Program?

    Yes Rasmussen is 18 months. 11 week quarters with 2 week breaks in between. I cannot fathom has anyone does the 12 month programs in that I'm at 13 months and counting and I am terrified that I'll be starting a job in 4/5 months. And I'm no dummy but...
  3. Concordia BSN Program?

    I'm at Rasmussen - finishing in December. MSOE is too far of a drive for me and really Concordia is too. If u have any ? about the program let me know. It's a for-profit school but the program is solid 7/10 in my opinion.
  4. Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    Strep. *I know nothing and only aspiring health care professional* but know of kids who've had lingering bad stomach aches with no other symptoms, especially the typical raw/sore throat.
  5. Microbiology course online?

    I wouldn't have suggested if it wasnt. It a physical campus that also offers online courses.
  6. any suggestion for online microbiology classes

    new mexico junior college
  7. Microbiology course online?

    New Mexico Junior College - much cheaper than Portage and good. I had to re-take Micro due to age of class and NMJC was just as good, if not better, than my in-class experience.
  8. Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    What about "if there's one thing I've learned over the years is never underestimate how much you don't know. Nursing is a new field to me, and I look forward securing more knowledge and experience through your orientation process."
  9. advice for post grad pursuing ABSN

    I have not completed an ABSN but I have applied, been accepted and almost started many times - #life. But what I can tell you is my 1st choice school has changed several times depending on my circumstances. The program I almost started was very prest...
  10. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Hi CastiMcNasti - how long are your clinical days, or does it vary class to class? For instance, for your Mental Health class having only 5 weeks of clinical, I would hope for 12 hr shifts...but maybe not?
  11. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    I haven't started school yet but did work out an entire plan with a financial aid coordinator. It depends on the company, some of them you pay-off from the first month after you borrow, some wait until graduation, etc.
  12. Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    I believe this is correct or very close to correct. You will have to take out private educational loans, there are many providers available. You should ask your Financial Aid office which providers they work with, and then you can compare the interes...
  13. Bad idea to quit after 6m as a new grad for DNP school?

    Just one other thought, it sounds like you really love your current job. THAT'S AWESOME! Take a year off from the classes, and work at a job you love (so many don't have their first RN position be one they love) and work on raising the kids. Treat ev...
  14. Just be professional, period.

    And honestly, if it comes from you, is it going to sound exactly like you said, the more mature nurse "mothering" or "smothering" the other staff and being a buzzkill. Would you say personal cells are needed by staff on your floor (to maybe lookup me...
  15. Advice on how to handle a situation at work.

    This doesn't sound like an office that you'll flourish in. Move on once you can find another job.