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  1. adjappleton

    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    what about "if there's one thing I've learned over the years is never underestimate how much you don't know. Nursing is a new field to me, and I look forward securing more knowledge and experience through your orientation process."
  2. adjappleton

    Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    Hi CastiMcNasti - how long are your clinical days, or does it vary class to class? For instance, for your Mental Health class having only 5 weeks of clinical, I would hope for 12 hr shifts...but maybe not?
  3. adjappleton

    Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    I haven't started school yet but did work out an entire plan with a financial aid coordinator. It depends on the company, some of them you pay-off from the first month after you borrow, some wait until graduation, etc.
  4. adjappleton

    Rasmussen College - Fort Myers

    I believe this is correct or very close to correct. You will have to take out private educational loans, there are many providers available. You should ask your Financial Aid office which providers they work with, and then you can compare the interest rates and repayment terms (things like discounts for good grades, early repayment penalties, etc). I know a few are Discover (like the credit card) Education and Wells Fargo. Good luck!! Don't forgot to apply for scholarships - not all are available to incoming or second degree students but some are.
  5. adjappleton

    Bad idea to quit after 6m as a new grad for DNP school?

    Just one other thought, it sounds like you really love your current job. THAT'S AWESOME! Take a year off from the classes, and work at a job you love (so many don't have their first RN position be one they love) and work on raising the kids. Treat every shift like a class and soak up that experience. Maybe in a year, your manager will be in a position to move you to part-time as well. If I was you, there is no wayyyy I could manage FT work, 2 babes and 75% grad school.
  6. adjappleton

    Just be professional, period.

    And honestly, if it comes from you, is it going to sound exactly like you said, the more mature nurse "mothering" or "smothering" the other staff and being a buzzkill. Would you say personal cells are needed by staff on your floor (to maybe lookup meds or use the calculator)? If not, just prohibit them.
  7. adjappleton

    Pre-Requisite Nursing Course with LAB?

    You betchya.
  8. adjappleton

    I'm a mom and Starting the program in January and nervous

    I had to drop from full time to part time because I couldn't manage my almost 4 yr old is just too needy in the evenings. Best of luck and just be prepared for possibly having to take it a bit slower than planned.
  9. I'm taking only nursing classes, all prerequisite/coreqs done. Tues and Weds 8:30-12:30, Thurs and Fri 8:30-1:30. We plan on doing study groups,etc in the afternoons. They've told us to plan on 25-40 hrs in total commitment. Given the reading load in our syllabus and extra testing time (we do ATI for NCLEX practice throughout), 40 hrs is likely. Hope this helps!
  10. adjappleton

    TEAS Test

    The math is all very basic. Proportions, perecntages, conversions. Triple check your work. The science is all over the place. I've taken it twice and rmthe second time it seemed tougher, but I had a headache during the entire test.
  11. adjappleton

    Move back into OR again?

    If your boss wants you, I would say give it another try. They wouldn't ask you unless they felt you were capable of doing it.
  12. adjappleton

    Here. There. Where?!

    My 2cents - go to Chico for the "college experience" but keeps your summers free to work and earn $ for that extra expense of living at school.
  13. adjappleton

    Picking the right school to get hired in the future

    Many ABSN programs will not allow you to work during the 12 or 15 month program, so not only do you have to consider tuition, books, supplies, but also cost of living (let's not forget how expensive gas is right now). So unless you have a significant other than makes enough $ to support you both or other $$$.... I crunched all of the numbers, and for me I'm ready to do a ASN program 10-12 credits, 4 semesters, and work part time. Will get my BSN, if I so desire, online - once working as a RN. I am fortunate in that my area still hires ASNs equally to BSNs.
  14. They've made the offer, so they want you. Agreed with above, do not undersell yourself. If you can find out if they negotiate then you know you need to start even higher. Say you negotiate to an amount that you still feel is too low, then ask for a written agreement to review your performance and pay review in six months. Good job!
  15. As others stated, if you can find a job with the ASN you will save yourself some money. It also depends on what kind of debt load you are comfortable with, so the ASN is a good choice if you'd rather not be so in debt. I already have a BA and considered doing an accelerated BSN program, but the cost is huge (plus not being able to work or very little work). Some would say I'd get back into the workforce sooner and making money sooner, but I can tell you from experience even making $50,000 a year the money is often spent before you get to things like paying off college loans early. So I'm hoping to do my ASN as well, not go into debt, and then do BSN online for hopefully around $10k or less. Second guessing is sometimes a full-time occupation when you're deciding on nursing school!
  16. adjappleton

    Admission requirements BSN 2nd degree

    It will make you application much stronger having the science prereqs (in particular) already completed. I have applied to 2 programs and having all A's in the sciences made my History & Econ BA (3.3 GPA) good enough. Got into one (declined b/c of $$) and had to decline the other as I got pregnant

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