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Ochsner Lafayette General Hospital (OLGH) press release re: Olivia Guidry




On Monday, Ochsner Lafayette General released a statement about Guidry's death. They say that Guidry was a beloved member of the hospital staff, but the announcement from social media on a cause of her death is premature.

In a statement, CEO Al Patin said that an autopsy would conclude the cause of death. It is not expected to be complete for several days.




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Tragic and likely preventable. I found the quote "her laugh was contagious" very sad and ironic, myself. I am so sorry for her loved ones who will undoubtedly miss her terribly.

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That she was an RN spending information that has been debunked is deplorable.   RNs can have their own opinions on whether or not to get the vaccine, and I will 100% back you up,  but it needs to be based on truth and not myth.  

But I'm not a total troll.  My heart aches for her and her family.  

One of my unvaccinated co-workers is out with covid and feeling crappy but probably will be okay.  

I'm very bothered by the low rates of vaccination in my area and just know that people are going to be filled with regret in the weeks to come.

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Let's just be frank. Spreading "misinformation" is just a nice way of saying "spreading lies." Because that's what her post was. Coming from a Bachelor's prepared Registered Nurse-doubly despicable.

It's sad when people die who most likely would have been saved using actual facts upon which to base their decisions. Currently most people dying of COVID were unvaccinated. Tells you pretty much all you need to know.


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