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  1. allnurses Admin Team

    Florence Nightingale's Revolution from Home

    Please stop making this a one-on-one debate. It derails the topic. Thank you.
  2. allnurses Admin Team

    Repeat After Me…What’s the problem here? | Case Study

    @SafetyNurse1968, thank you again for this Case Study. The following are the guesses/diagnoses/rationales from members who came to the Help Desk during the "Repeat After Me…What’s the problem here?", Case Study. Workitinurfava NRSKarenRN Looking forward to the next Case Study, @SafetyNurse1968! Coming soon ...... 👀
  3. allnurses Admin Team

    Wild Mood Swings and Outbursts of Anger: What's Wrong with this Man? | Case Study

    Thank you so much for this interesting Case Study, @SafetyNurse1968 The following are the guesses/diagnoses/rationales from members who came to the Help Desk during the "Wild Mood Swings and Outbursts of Anger: What's Wrong with this Man?", Case Study. Workitinurfava NP_hopeful19 Curious1997 We look forward to the next Case Study, @SafetyNurse1968! Coming soon ......
  4. allnurses Admin Team

    Wild Mood Swings and Outbursts of Anger: What's Wrong with this Man? | Case Study

    REMEMBER .... If you think you know the correct diagnosis for this Case Study (CSI)... DO NOT POST ANSWER HERE. Instead, post your answer in the ADMIN HELP DESK.; We don't want to spoil it for others who are late in joining us. In a few days, after I post the diagnosis, the Admins will announce the names of those members who correctly identified the problem. We hope to turn this into a friendly competition with more Case Studies to come. You CAN post questions and post comments below. BUT... Do NOT post your diagnosis guess below.
  5. allnurses Admin Team

    Case Study: Does this Cherokee Woman Have Dementia?

    Once again, THANK YOU @SafetyNurse1968 The following are the guesses/diagnoses/rationales from members who came to the Help Desk during the "Does this Cherokee Woman Have Dementia?" 11th Case Study Investigation (CSI). EXCELLENT job everyone! NurseScribe kswick spotangel ✍️COMING SOON - another Case Study Investigation (CSI)✍️
  6. allnurses Admin Team

    Case Study: It’s a Lump, but is it Breast Cancer?

    THANK YOU, @SafetyNurse1968. Great Case Study!! Here are the responses from members who came to the Admin Help Desk for the 10th Case Study Investigation (CSI). spotangel Questions What are the possible reasons for this lump? The lump can be benign or cancerous. It could be breast cancer, breast cyst or a Fibroadenoma Is it just another cyst? Could be or not. A cyst is fluid filled painless and movable. Need further tests to r/o cancer. How many reasons for breast lumps can you come up with off the top of your head? Infection/ Abcess Trauma Fibroadenoma Sebaceous cyst Fibrocystic breast Fat necrosis and lipoma Intraductal papilomas How many risk factors for breast cancer can you spot? Age Hereditary predisposition Family history of breast cancer mother and grand mother Infrequent breast exams and mammograms What labs do you want? BRCA 1 & 2, Baseline labs CBC, BMP,PT/PTT,TYPE AND SCREEN, LFT What other diagnostic tests should we run? Breast ultrasound,digital mammogram,manual physical exam and breast exam by a provider, MRI if required Based on the exam, tests and results a clearer picture will emerge on if this is cancer or not. mom_e_bizcuit Clinical signs: 1.) lump is firm 2.) irregular 3.) surrounding skin tissue hardening 4.) lump extends to muscle 5.) Platelets on the higher side??? Considered WBC being in upper normal but probably not that so I don't have a 6th one 😞 📢COMING SOON: CSI installment #11📢
  7. OP, you stated: No, dialysis clinics will not hire a Nurse with a suspended license. As stated in previous posts, the Nurse must have a license, but contain stipulations. Will close this topic as question has been asked/answered.
  8. allnurses Admin Team

    I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine 😞

    Let's stick to the topic, "I Really Do Not Want the COVID Vaccine :(" ... Please start a new thread if you want to discuss not only politics, but issues that are not related to receiving (or not) the COVID-19 vaccine. Thank you all.
  9. allnurses Admin Team

    Experiencing racism and xenophobia when coming to CA to help with Covid

    Closed for review.
  10. allnurses Admin Team

    Differential Case Study: Lyme Disease or Covid-19?

    Congratulations to LeahHona who had the correct FINAL diagnosis!👍👍 Once again, we thank all who participated and we hope you enjoyed the CSI. COMING SOON: CSI installment #8 🧐
  11. Many posts have been removed/edited that took this Article off-topic. Some posts were removed that were against TOS for personal one-on-one engagement, debating each other and not the topic. Posts were also removed in violation of TOS regarding hate speech. This will NOT be tolerated and future posts in like will result in the immediate closure of the violator's account. We thank you in advance for staying on topic and complying with TOS.
  12. allnurses Admin Team

    UT Tyler BSN Fall 2020

    Please note that GroupMe is not an approved link. What you can do is start a new topic in Clubs and members can communicate. The Clubs are a great way for members to have their own unique area. Here's the Club link: https://allnurses.com/clubs/ Good luck with your Nursing program.
  13. allnurses Admin Team

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    NOTE: Posts have been removed that have nothing to do with the topic. Thank you.
  14. allnurses Admin Team

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Time out. Closed for a cooling off.
  15. allnurses Admin Team

    Do women find male nurses attractive?

    Closed for review.
  16. allnurses Admin Team

    Will Protests Lead to More COVID Surges?

    Posts have been removed. Once again .......