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How the heck are danskos supposed to fit? The 37 I tried on slips at the heal but I could not put a finger or pencil behind my heal. It is a sung fit and my toes almost hit the front of the shoe. The 38's are very loose and the heal slips when I walk too. I could fit a pencil behind my heal in them. They are overall loose nothing sung about them. How should they fit?


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Depends on what kind of Danskos you plan to get. If buying the Dansko Professional shoe, the heel should move up and down freely. Try going to the Dansko website to find what size shoe to buy and how each style should fit.


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The Dansko Professional Clog is supposed to fit loosely in the heel....

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I went with the 37...it is snug across the top but the heal moves up and down. The 38's were just too big and I know if I had to run in them I would roll my ankle.

Thanks for the input!

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Yep, I think I read when I got mine that they are supposed to slip on the heel. Mine do. I think they also say to order a size up if you're not sure.

I am having the same issue. I want to order my shoes from zappos.com but I wanted to try them on first then order but, I can't find them anywhere. But, zappos will pay to have them shipped backed so I guess i will go for it. below is a email from dansko about fit.

"Dear Kristina

Thank you for your email. Dansko closed models should fit the following way:

You do not want your toes touching the front of the shoe.

The arch of your foot should fit comfortably over the instep of the shoe.

You should be able to put your pinky finger in between the back of your heel and the back of your shoe.

When you walk, your heel will fill like it is coming out of the shoe but not all the way out.

There will be very little stretch with the White box leather since it is a tight full grain leather.

If you have any further questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you

Nate Brady

Customer Service Rep.

Dansko Inc.

I just went to a shoe store yesterday and was told the heel slip was supposed to happen. Didn't like that. Felt like they were coming off. I didn't buy them, but they are nice.

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I have the kind with the heel strap that adjustable, because i couldn't stand the loose heel on the others.

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I have the Professional design. They come in narrow. My foot is narrow (especially across the heel). The regular 38's were to big. I was so happy when they came out in a narrow width. In the backless clogs, I wear can wear a regular 38...

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Like I wrote before, mine slip (as they are supposed to) but I LOVE them. I am in Florida and I hardly ever wear closed toe shoes, but I have to for my nursing program. So at least I don't feel quite as constricted with them being a little slippy on the end, sort of a clog feel even though I have the ones with the backs.

I got mine through Zappos and just sent back the size that didn't fit - I was very happy with their service! They send the return slip and everything so it's easy.

I'm am thinking about getting another pair just to have to wear wherever...

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I wore them the other night and I loved them. No calf pain and not foot pain after 12.5 hours. We will see how they do over the next few months.

I did get an email that said the same that KrisRNwannabe but added:

If your Professionals are not fitting as stated above I would advise going one size up. If your toes are not hitting the front of the shoe or the arch of your foot is riding comfortably over the instep of the shoe and the shoe is not hurting your foot I would say for you to stay put with your size 37.

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i have the dansko professional clog. love the way they look. they feel better than my regular shoes. but my z-coils still feel the best.

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