Dangers of teaching kids they can be boys or girls


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This whole thing is just so funny it reminds me of the time my husband went to pick up our then 2 year old son (now 16) from daycare and found him dancing in a TuTu. Oh dear lord you would have thought the gates of h-e double hockey sticks opened up that day. It took me a quite a bit of talking and convincing my husband that the school wasn't trying to make our son gay. I said to him if he gay, he's gay but dancing in a tutu doesn't cause it!

OMG, something similar happened in our house when our son (4 at the time, now 13) asked for a Tinkerbell tea set and tree house. My husband flipped his lid and said his son wasn't gonna be playing with girl toys. I asked the husband what he would do the day his daughter (with whom I was pregnant) wanted to play with a dumptruck. Somehow that was 'different' lol. (My mom invoked Grandma privilege and Santa brought the Tinkerbell stuff to her house and it somehow found its way to our house. He played with it for like 3 weeks then decided to leave it for his sister to play with when she's older.)

This idea that toys and clothes etc. are for boys or girls is just absurd. As the trans comedian Eddie Izzard once famously said, "I don't wear women's dresses. I wear my dresses. They're mine, I bought them. Women wear what they like, and so do I."

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Should any of us live our lives to please others? Should others live to please the OP? Heck no.

Let the OP be uptight and miserable; perhaps one day they will get tired of it and find another way.

BTW one film I loved was GI Jane, when the CMDCM says "She's not the problem. We are."


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my sources - the Scandinavian countries. It's shocked the feminists, in fact they are a bit pissed off at this. But those countries provided the most level playing field for men and women, and guess what, it turns out when you level the playing field, men end up doing traditionally mens jobs/roles, and women end up doing traditionally womens' jobs.

Look it up, it's not hard. It's been in the news quite a bit.

Okay ... But what on earth do various men's and women's career choices have to do with transgender kids?

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Okay ... But what on earth do various men's and women's career choices have to do with transgender kids?

I'll tell you what they have to do with each other...


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I might add that the boy is now 16 and as far as a parent can tell he is a healthy young man oriented towards females

Oh I forgot he actually identifies as an Apache Attack Helicopter - Look it up it's a thing!


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Out of curiosity I looked up Scandinavian gender equality and found out that there is a gender equality paradox in Nordic countries that have that shows there are fewer women in traditionally male roles like business leaders, manager and STEM jobs because the social safety net provided does not encourage women to succeed and actually holds them back.

It's called the Nordic gender equality paradox




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Wow, next can we talk about if the catholic church is overcompensating by making the pope wear a dress?

OK real talk, I was a screwed up confused preteen, who cut....a lot in middle school and Jr High. Fast forward 25 years and a moderate fortune in therapy I'm now an RN with a nice healthy outlook on life who still keeps up with her mental health maintenance and counsels "at risk" teens.

Bottom line, whether or not it is attention seeking behavior, mental illness, depression, curiosity, herd mentality (which is what you've got on your hands btw), or any of the other reasons individuals engage in self harm, taking away a chosen method will not stop the harm. You can't treat suicidal ideations by putting a sitter at someone's bedside, they are still thinking about killing themselves they just can't right now.

You can't stop self harm by taking away hormone therapy, they'll just go back to cutting or eating disorders, or promiscuity, or drug use, or wreckless driving, or intentional teen pregnancy, or .........

Hormone therapy delays puberty so a child can wait until they are old enough, mature enough, and ideally have had substantial psychological evaluation to decide if they are in the wrong body. It buys time. If they conclude they are in fact in the wrong body, the transition is less complicated because secondary sex characteristics have never formed. If they deduce they are in the right body they simply stop hormone therapy, go through puberty later in life and move on. You are actually complaining about the least permanent form of self harm.

I still have to look at giant scars and explain them to strangers I don't know that I put on my body over half my lifetime ago.

God I hope this thread keeps going a while... its a real pandoras box... thanks for that


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I'm just gonna leave this right here.

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Is the same Jordan Peterson who performed a "Study" on effects of political correctness. Where he studied the attitudes of one of his students and published his observations. He could not get a credible journal to publish his study so he self published it and went on YOU TUBE to talk about it. He been pretty much discredited not for his views but rather his inability to perform valid research.


He's far from discredited, and is one of the most popular people speakers in the world right now.



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David Bowie said it best: Gender itsn't between your legs it's between your ears.

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