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Those of you who have been posting these I want to say thanks. I have been enjoying them. Although I do not post to them for fear of looking like the complete dumba** that I am:)

Keep them coming!



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You wouldn't be considered 'DUMB' for wanting to learn!

everyone is ignorant about something. Welcome aboard! We will learn from each other


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I love this place...So far no one has made me feel dumb....THANK U ALL!!


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oh darn...I thought you were the critical care thinking snapshot-lady posting something new to learn.

Oh are you today? These things are awesome!!!!


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I just got Test Taking for Beginning Nurses Study Guide. I wouldn't mind posting some of the sample questions on the Student Nurse site since they are very basic and designed for beginning students. But, am I infringing on copy right laws if I copy the question word for word directly from the book?

If anyone knows, please let me know.


You know these critical thinking snapshots is very similar to what I use when I am precepting new grads that are ready to come off orientation. You can teach technical skills, but critical thinking is something that comes in time.

The grad and I will have a conversation that is called guided projection (I believe). Some are everyday experiences like room 41 calls you and tells you that they are SOB, what do you do. Others are unique situations like it is 3 am, your patient is suddenly combative, agitated and confused where previously they had been alert and oriented what do you do? Most of the new grads really appreciate the "Drilling" as they call it and feel that yes they actually do know something and they will be ok on their own.


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Everyone is a student and each of us a teacher. There is ALWAYS something to learn, no matter how "experienced" one may be.


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Someone post a senario and lets learn something today!!!!!!!!

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Okay - let me get my washing out and I will see what I can "dig" up for you.

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this strooy is really an amalgam of the many patients i have had with similar problems. remember my background is icu we often get the patient who does the "sudden" crash and hindsight being wonderful we can usually pinpoint where things started to go wrong, but, we also do forget that we weren't there at the time and not every patient who becomes confused has a subarrachnoid haemorrhage!

mr p is an elderly gentleman 74 years old, reasonably fit. he has just been admitted for a bowel resection for lower colon ca. post-operatively he has an unventful recovery until day 4. when he becomes a little confused - he is found out of bed wanting to trim the roses. observations:- previous- pulse 78 bp 140/80 temp 36.5c resps 18 skin warm and dry observations now:- pulse rate 92 bp 160/90 temp 37.9 resps 32 skin warm and dry.

any guesses where i am heading with this one?


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Let's see, hypertensive, HR is increasing, febrile, tachypneic w/ altered mental status. Skin warm and dry. I would want the following information: what is O2 sat? What is his skin color? Is he SOB? What is his CBC? I'm thinking is his respiratory status causing his altered mental status (4 days post op, perhaps PE?) or could it be infection/sepsis related? Also, although he is not hypotensive or tachycardic (yet) what is his Hgb...

Someone else help me out here!

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