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COVID-19 Job Abandonment News Story - They didn't show up for 2 days


Naturally Brilliant, BSN, RN

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I feel nothing but schadenfreude. Those nursing homes are already notorious for low-paid and physically draining labor, especially for nursing assistants. And when you're not going to give PPE to the workers, why should they risk their lives for an employer that treats them as disposable?

Nobody is stopping the nursing home's proprietors and management from stepping in to fill the labor shortage personally. You get what you give.

imintrouble, BSN, RN

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11 minutes ago, Mergirlc said:

Southern California area (Riverside, CA is approximately 50 miles east of Los Angeles)

Employees’ no-show at Riverside nursing home with coronavirus outbreak leads to 83 residents being evacuated


It would be nice if they could get the employee's side of the story. There's always another side.

There has to be a reason for such solidarity. I'm with you. There has to be something more.

Naturally Brilliant, BSN, RN

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The reason's incredibly obvious. A nursing home isn't going to have the level of protection for staff and policies to protect residents the way a major hospital would. Even without Coronavirus, turnover among staff at nursing homes is ridiculously high (I've heard that CNAs usually quit in a month or two) because of the amount of work coupled with the criminally low pay. Their employees probably weren't getting Cadillac health insurance, either. So why would they go to work every day knowing the likelihood they'd get Coronavirus would end up being extremely high?


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Question: Does this place have a union? Cuz, WOW!!

38 minutes ago, HiddenAngels said:

Question: Does this place have a union? Cuz, WOW!

Probably not. This facility seemed to be some privately owned one.

I'm just curious as to if the CNAs could even be charged and, if so, what would the penalty be? I know in CA, CNAs are licensed by the Department of Public Health and not the BON. I'm going to guess if they are charged with abandonment, this might prevent them from obtaining nursing licenses later - if that was ultimately what some of them wanted to do.

If the fact is, they were without proper PPE, then they all need to gather together and get a lawyer. I have a feeling they are about to be made an example of....


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Yes, this will make history. Now I want to know the other side of the story. Did they call out sick? Did they even call? Hmm, we've always assumed it was not job abandonment unless you took report.. This will be interesting.

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1 hour ago, HiddenAngels said:

we've always assumed it was not job abandonment unless you took report.

Patient abandonment occurs after taking report. Taking report implies you’ve accepted the assignment.

Job abandonment does not require you to have accepted a patient assignment. A no call, no show can be viewed as job abandonment.


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Good for the staff at the NH. I would abandon them too, very risky. Not worth your life. The facility failed both the staff and the patients. Abandoning or AKA quitting a job is not grounds for losing your license. The state of CA would be quite stupid to even try to pull a move like that. It's called at will employment, you or your employer can quit your job at any time or end the contract, w/o notice.