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  1. theoneandonly

    I Am Not Ready to Die!

    Nurses didn't sign up for pandemics to die. They signed up to take care of patients. If hospitals are not properly equipping their HCW's then its time to resign. A job is replaceable, life isn't
  2. theoneandonly

    COVID-19 NJ/NY State of Affairs and Future Predictions

    News Flash: Texas has the 11th most cases state wise in the US. Texas hasn't seen a surge or reached its peak yet. NYC and NJ will reach their peak within the next 2-3 weeks. It's likely Texas will not see a surge until late may with a peak most likely in June. Remember, every state is different when it comes to surge and peak cases. Yes, cities and towns are further spread, so that means the spread will be slow but it will eventually reach the population. It's only a matter of time, not if.
  3. -LOL we didn't join the military. Nurses didn't sign up to die in a battlefield. We went to college, to get our degree and a job just like the rest of society. We didn't become nurses to go into a war zone. This isn't the military
  4. The War in Iraq was very dangerous. Nearly 4,500 American soldiers lost their lives there. But you know how many U.S. soldiers served in Iraq altogether? More than 2 million. Do the math.
  5. good for the nurses who stood up to the criminal management/admin. That's an unsafe assignment. Detroit is a trash city
  6. Yes, nurses who do not work on a inpatient unit, ICU or ER will likely be moved to areas of the hospital that are needed. It's unlikely many will be laid off, but I will say some nurses will either quit or go into early retirement. Some nurses are not comfortable working in areas that they are not trained in and some simply do not want to work with covid patients which is understandable because of the dangers and risk involved.
  7. Good for the staff at the NH. I would abandon them too, very risky. Not worth your life. The facility failed both the staff and the patients. Abandoning or AKA quitting a job is not grounds for losing your license. The state of CA would be quite stupid to even try to pull a move like that. It's called at will employment, you or your employer can quit your job at any time or end the contract, w/o notice.
  8. Yes, it will fade away 100%. They are feeding you b/c they need you to take care of their loved ones. Once the crises is over, it will be back to the norm. The public expects you to risk your well-being for strangers which is idiocracy. Remember risking your life and facing potential death is not what you signed up for.
  9. These are the Facts based on nearly 4 weeks of this Pandemic. I have been on the front lines. Read Carefully and heed my warning. 1) If you suffer from Asthma, Lung CA, COPD, and/or other chronic lung disorders, your chances of surviving COVID-19 are slim to none. This virus attacks the lungs hard, if your lungs are already weakened, your already on the losing end of the battle with the virus. 2) If your a chronic smoker, vape, or smoke marijuana, you too, are on the losing ending of this battle. 3) Patients with no past medical history can also get very sick or even die from this virus, I have seen it happen. Why this is is not completely understood at this time, but it could be linked to lifestyle choices if you look at #2 Fact. 4) If your Obese, you likely have a weakened immune system. You also likely suffer from HTN, DM II, CAD, and other chronic health disorders which weaken your immune system. You will likely develop a severe illness from this virus and potentially be put on a ventilator. 5) Many patients who survive and are discharged require oxygen at home. Yes, you will likely need oxygen support when you leave the hospital. For how long? It's not known, but I have seen patients who need an additional 1-2 weeks of O2 support after discharge. 6) Many patients are dying from the virus. Morgues are filled to capacity in the hospital. If your loved one is dead, they are likely in a refrigerated truck. 7) This virus will NOT vanish during the Summer months. If you look at countries with warmer climates like Brazil, Ecuador, Turkey, and Egypt, these countries have large outbreaks. Warm weather can possibly slow down the virus but it won't go away. 9. Many COVID+ patients I have dealt with are getting progressively worse. Very few improve. And many have been in the hospital for more than 2 weeks already. 10) Your healthcare Co-workers will get sick and die from this virus. Many at my facility have gotten sick from this virus and are now patients themselves. My friends, the danger is very real. This virus shows no mercy. I personally do not think it's worth putting your life in danger for money. A job is replaceable, your life isn't. Think carefully of what you will do next. Will you quit? If you do, I don't blame you. There is little we know about this virus and not enough protection. You are the author of your destiny. Stay Blessed,
  10. theoneandonly

    COVID-19 NJ/NY State of Affairs and Future Predictions

    There won't be any repurcussions. HCW's are needed with or without a pandemic. Hospitals and society cannot function withoutdoctors and nurses.
  11. Hello, I am a RN who's worked in NJ and NYC. I wanted to share my insight into what I have seen and experienced these past few weeks and what I predict will happen over the next several weeks and months ahead based on first hand knowledge. I've discussed my concerns with co-workers and they too share the same thoughts. -The surge is already occurring in NYC, has been the past 2 week. It has now spread into Northern NJ and creeping it's way into Central/Southern NJ and PA. -Hospitals are already overwhelmed. This is due to 1) Lack of PPE, 2) Lack of ventilators, 3) Short-staffed, 4) Too many COVID patients. -The Short staffing is due to a multitude of reasons, 1) Nurses and doctors are quitting due to fears of contracting illness, 2) They are retiring early, 3) They are getting sick with COVID, 4) Many hospitals were already short-staffed prior to the pandemic. This just made it much worse. The status quo is unsustainable. Here in NJ, we are not even at peak levels yet and many hospitals are diverting patients, even with new units and hospitals being built. This is what I predict will happen based on the events that have occurred and are occurring. Many doctors and nurses and other front-line healthcare workers will quit in large numbers due to a lack of PPE and fears of contracting illness over the next weeks and months ahead. I know of a couple of nurses who have quit because of this. Make no mistake, this is a highly deadly virus. Much more deadly than the Seasonal Flu. Many patients who are put on ventilators will not come off it. The risk is high! I have taken care of many otherwise healthy patients who are struggling to breath without oxygen support/therapy, and some I've taken care of needed to be intubated and sent to ICU (If they had room). Many of them also are not getting any better based on the patients I've seen and dealt with. Hospitals will become so overwhelmed over the next several weeks, ventilators have run out or soon will, tough decisions will have to be made. Their is a possibility in the future, that healthcare systems will themselves go bankrupt or collapse b/c of the stress being put on them. If you combine this with the economic stress of high unemployment numbers, you can see where things are headed for society as a whole.... Now you may ask, is there a way to avoid disaster? The answer simply is no. Hospitals were ill prepared for a pandemic. Many health care workers are contracting COVID due to a lack of PPE and they will themselves be carriers and spread the virus to non-covid patients. Many health care workers unintentionally will end up spreading it to their family and friends. It will be a constant cycle. Social distancing is simply not enough when you have sick healthcare workers who are being told to go to work, even if their sick, or they won't get paid. This will last well into the Summer, some models have shown. It's also likely this will become seasonal once it dies down, similar to the flu. Can hospitals withstand this battle for months? No, not without outside help. What about the economy? and unemployment? It will be utter disaster. In regards to a vaccine, highly unlikely one will be made soon, even if one was made, it will take time for development, clinical trials, and so on. Also, viruses can mutate, a vaccine won't always work. Some studies have shown this virus causes irreparable damage to the lungs. Many health care workers will ask themselves, especially when we reach peak levels, is this worth the risk? Without enough PPE, w/o proper staffing levels, no more vents, and no vaccine/reliable treatment for COVID-19, the answer for many will be obvious. Good Luck,