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Hi! I want to know what is the estimated cost of nursing school, cost per semester, with or without cost of books.. I am enrolling in March and haven't applied for Financial Aid yet but want to know what would be the average cost paying out of pocket. Just to be prepared, as I heard it can be expensive, thanks!! Any and all help is appreciated :)


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Your best bet would be to ask the school(s) in which you're interested. There are a kazillion nursing schools, and they all cost different amounts. Some are comparatively inexpensive, and some cost an arm and a leg. We have no idea how much the school(s) you're interested in might cost.

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This will depend on where you have applied. Ask the school.


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Between zero and 150000

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Only the people at the school(s) you plan to attend can accurately answer your questions regarding tuition, fees, books and miscellaneous costs.

Some nursing programs cost less than $2,000 per year while other programs exceed $25,000 yearly. No one on these forums knows how much your schooling will cost.

Good luck to you!

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It is unlikely that you are considering every single school in the country. First make a short list of schools that you would like to attend. Consider distance from your home, NCLEX pass rate, and reputation of students from that school. For that last, it would help if you could talk to nurses in your area for their perceptions of students/graduates from the schools on your short list. Once you have narrowed down the field from everything to just a few, then you can really get into figuring out how to pay for it. Almost all schools are very up front about the cost of attendance, and you should be able to find this information on their website or by emailing an advisor. As others have mentioned, the cost of schools varies widely. In my area, some schools are in the 1500 per semester range (not including books, supplies, and cost of living). But there are a few in the 6000 per semester range (also before books, supplies, and cost of living). Be aware that for nursing school, books and supplies can run as high as tuition. Your area will likely be different from mine, but in my area, the cheaper schools are the better schools. Another thing you must consider is whether or not you can work while going to school. In some schools, this is a good idea and encouraged. In my school, it is tolerated, but not encouraged. Also consider whether you are eligible for grants, scholarships, and student loans. I am not eligible for much because I have a prior bachelor degree, so I have to be more careful about how I spend money to go back to school. If you can get grants and scholarships, the cost of school isn't as important. However, be careful of loans because under almost every circumstance they do need to be repaid, and most nursing salaries will make the repayment period very uncomfortable.

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You can usually find tuition costs on the school website


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If you have not filed your FASFA you need to do so ASAP! You will cheat yourself out of possibly thousands of dollars in aid.

Other than that my advice is to contact your schools and ask them. EVERY school is VERY different with costs. Some only cost a few thousand a semester while others can cost $20,000+ per semester.