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  1. by   AJACKT33Z
    GOLD!!!!!! I can't believe how dumb that is!!!! You just got a suit lawyers dream about------oh, if it only happened to me!! Teach the idiot some manners!!!!!!
  2. by   Tookie
    OK read about your local board - etc - has your union - if you are in one been any support
    I agree go for the lawyers

    Hope your Grandmum is OK
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    amanda, all the best to you and i will keep your grandmother in my prayers.
  4. by   reddgott
    This is my first post ever! ok thats out of the way. let me explain. I am a Correctional Officer in North Carolina. I am also a nursing student trying to get out from under such tyranist such as Gov. Easley. Anyway I dont know about your prison but at ours, when we suspect an inmate of "suitcasing" contraban they are placed in an observation room with nothing but a bed pan. The theory is whatever is in there has to come out sometime and the whole process is non-intrusive, but time consuming. I'm sorry to hear about your job, but will you really miss it?
  5. by   BBFRN
    Deleted post- because I just realized how old this thread is!
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  6. by   sjoe
    By the way, in California at least, the situation with your grandmother is covered under the Family Leave statues (which I believe are federal laws), and it is ILLEGAL to retaliate in any way toward you for acting as you did, so long as it did not take you away from work for more than 6 weeks.

    See a lawyer!
  7. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by Amazed5150
    I'm shocked!!! 1st of all thanks for all the replies. Ok update.....I contacted the Kentucky Board of Nursing and they sent a letter to my boss letting him know that a body cavity search was not in the scope of nursing.......3 weeks pass and my grandmother has a heart attack, I call into work 3 days spending them at the hospital in CCU with her......my boss calls and questions me if I still refuse to do a body cavity search, I told him yes as long as KBN says I can't, I can't.....so he then says I'm dismissed from my job because of this..........Any suggestions???

    I am also from Kentucky. You can call the board, but it will NOT help. I hate to say. Call the NPO. WONDERFUL organization.
    Going to look for the number now.......brb.

    Their full name is Nurses Professional Organization. Their location is 1169 Eastern Parkway. Louisville Kentucky. I have only been gone a year. Im sure they would not have moved. But just in case call information if you cant get ahold of them. The phone (502)4593393.

    They are specifically there for nurses that have met with injustice. They have their own legal consultants and can tell you exactly what to do. It was founded by nurses for nurses. They are there for your intersests. It is a non profit organization. Believe me, they will be there for you.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

    PS: They might have a web site. Im going to look now. Ill get back with you.
  8. by   nurse2002
    Cant get the link. But it is in THE VENT. (That is the web site.)
    But I found the site under Nurses Professional Organization Louisville.
  9. by   nurse2002
    Originally posted by lgflamini
    Deleted post- because I just realized how old this thread is!
    WOW! It is old!!!!!! I was really getting into my posts here to!
  10. by   mother/babyRN
    I is the PRINCIPLE of the whole thing, is it not????

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