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    Should nurses strike?

  2. nurse2002

    LPN with Battery Charge on Criminal Record-Help

    14 year finally got tired of taking a teens abuse. Everyone has a limit and she was at hers. I can guess why the police got involved also. The teen was upset because her mother actually took up for herself and put the teen in her place. Im not saying the slap was right and I am not saying it was wrong. Im torn here. But I also know she is a TEEN. And verbally and mentally abusing your MOTHER is VERY wrong. Counseling is probally warranted here but a CONVICTION is definately NOT.
  3. nurse2002

    LPN with Battery Charge on Criminal Record-Help

    I dont know what state you live in but where I am from there is something called an 'out of control warrant'. If your minor child is that out of control I would look into something similar to this. The court does get involved, but will help you get your child under control. Through probation, counseling, curfews and the like. Also random drug tests. If your daughter doesnt want to be held responsible for her behavior at home she will get the consequeces through the court. Its called tough love. You might try it. It could save her from a world of hurt in the long run. I too will not judge you for slapping her. You made a mistake. But I can see it happening. I have come close to slapping my teen in the face more than once. (We are now in counseling). Please make sure there is no conviction on your part. Get a good attorney.
  4. In high shool I recieved HORRIBLE grades. I really do not know how I graduated. When I started U of L it was manditory that we take a study course our first semester. It was a class on how to study and take tests. After that class my grades improved! Seriously improved! I actually started to LOVE to study and take tests. I graduated with a 3.9 from nursing school. Graduated from U of L with a 3.8 (political science). After that class though I really never had to study as hard and long than before I took it. It was called Study Skills. Actually, it was the easiest class Ive ever had, but it helped me sssssssooooooooooo much.
  5. nurse2002

    Best/Worst Jobs Before Nursing?

    Best jobs: Bartending and working in a greenhouse. The greenhouse pay was horrible but the job was fun. Worst job: Working for Wendy's. That was my first job. It was awful! So So job: Driving that little truck for NAPA. I had my Uncle take the hat off the top before I would drive the thing.
  6. nurse2002

    Love the Humor, but not the male bashing!! :-)

    Gomer, I am a woman and I really am offended by your post! Just kidding! Those were AWSOME! FUNNY! Never thought I would think some of them are funny, but they are! :roll :roll
  7. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Gromit I hope you spend a wonderful day with your mother! Thanks! Beth
  8. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Glad we can agree on something. But a realist does not have to be a cynic (used as an adjective) I did not call you a cynic I accused you of thinking like one. I do not know you and would not say you ARE anything. :)
  9. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    very good question Jenac
  10. nurse2002


    The Melatonin works wonders! Slept for 12 hours last night! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. nurse2002

    Are you a real nurse?

    I was wondering the same thing?????????????????
  12. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    None is yelling for free health care they are wanting AFFORDABLE healthcare. As far as taking from someone else ......if the goverment would get their priorities straight and spend our taxes on something that is NEEDED. Thus cutting research financing for things such as I posted earlier thaey would NOT have to cut into other budgets such as education or raise taxes. And, as earlier stated, I went into how affordable healthcare could be paid for. And I do believe in FREE healthcare for our elderly population. They have been paying into the system FOREVER yet now as they age they cannot afford their medicine? Realistically WE SHOULD take care of our elderly and our children. And when you do pay OUTRAGOUS premiums, when you can afford insurance the insurance co. will try to scheme so they dont have to pay. Anyway REALISTICALLY there are ways for our goverment to make sure everyone is covered. But why should they make sure? You can bet they have coverage. What it boils down to REALISTICALLY that our politicians, for the most part, do not care about their own citizens, unless it is election time. a cynic is a cynic stands
  13. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Amotor cycle is a motor cycle basic healthcare is basic healthcare And a cynic is a cynic
  14. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Nor could I of said it better.
  15. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    With all due respect Gromit. Are you actually comparing a motorcycle to healthcare? That your finances dont support it so you dont have the one you want yet? That someone should not have a lifesaving procedure because they cant afford it? Are these two things actually being compared.????????????? The goverment DOES have the money. They can pay WITHOUT anything else being cut. They are just too shallow and have too many butts to kiss with the money they are giving out now. America is a great place to live. But there are some serious priorities missing. I would much rather our goverment pay healcare for elderly, disabled, working people who cannot afford it than see billions on a shuttle lift off that they screw up anyway. If the government would get their priorities straight EVERYONE could have healthcare and not at further expense to the taxpayer. Have you ever looked up goverment spending on the internet? 500,000 blacktie dinners once a month at the white house. At governs mansions. ALL the time. Cut this crap out and they could put the money torwars healthcare.
  16. nurse2002

    Is Health Care a Right?

    Sad, it happens all the time here. And as I said earlier. WE would not have to pay higher taxes if the government would stop wasting money. I gave a serious example earlier of a million dollar grant (one every year) for people to study why flies have two wings and the exact mechanics of those wings. They give billions in grants like this every year. The damn fly isnt even endangered. But people with cancer without insurance are.Who work, but cannot afford it, and make too much money to get aid, then by the time they quit their job the aid is gone. Where are the governments priorities? Themselves.