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its really tough to get in in a hospital so maybe ill try to be a nurse in the correctionals?... Read More

  1. by   2bLVNme
    I have a question, I am a new grad VN and am considering corrections nursu=ing. Now, I have a father who has been locked up for about 7years and has 2 more to go. How will this affect me? Can any one answer this? Thannx
  2. by   mt_nurse
    i grad in may 09 and i have an interview at a correctional. advice anyone??? what kind of questions will they ask?? similar ones i suppose??
  3. by   whirlabug
    Quote from momfullofcurls
    Congratulations New Graduate Nurse,
    I am not a correctional nurse but like several of the others I think that a good year of hospital experience would be necessary for correctional nursing. I have read many of the postings and it seems like correctional nursing is a very autonomous nursing job much like school nursing. It also sounds like it can be intimidating at times. That is why I believe a good year of assessments and working on building confidence in a hospital environment would be essential. Good Luck to you.
    Nice thought but like many new grads there are no hospital jobs, they want a year experience to hire. The nurses that work at the hospital get sent home for LCD (low census days). Very depressing. Being a new grad in the state of Colorado is challenging to say the least most of my class has had trouble finding employment and very few have been hired by a hospital. We are on of the top ADN programs in the state and on of two accreted in the area.