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I am a 25 year old LPN in the Correctional Field. I am a mother to two wonderful daughters and an awesome stepson.

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  1. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    need advice: lpn or rn

    I am an LPN here in Maine. I went to Intercoast Career Institute and got my degree in 13 months. However I was in the first class to graduate for there for this particular degree and it is my understanding that they have lengthened the course to make it more manageable ( I went Monday thru Friday for 8-3) I beleive it is only 4 days a week now and you can choos day or evening classes. Also if you choose this route you can work as an LPN while going for your RN. I think all of the RN schools around Miane except ICCI as a bridge course so you can bypass some classes in the RN program. Ultimately I think you should do some research into the 2 subjects and see which works better for you. I went to school when I was 22 and had a 3 and 4 year old. ICCI made it really easy and it was very intimate as they are a small school. I felt like I was getting all the help I needed. LPN's in maine work in LTC, hospitals (although not as frequently), Jails (which is where I work), and Doc offices and I am sure there are othere places ... Good Luck with your decision and I hope I helped a little bit! :)
  2. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    Jail Opiate Withdrawal

    We have an opiate protocol, benzo protocol and ETOH protocol. The opiate is tylenol 650mg and phenergan 20 mg TID x 3 days and clonidine 0.1mg TID x 7 days
  3. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    Cheeking Wellbutrin

    We don't crush our wellbutrin until they are caught cheeking then we crush it. But it has been happening so much that now we will DC if being cheeked. Inmates are being strong armed for it left and right!!! CRAZY! Thank you everyone for the responses they are very helpful!
  4. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    Cheeking Wellbutrin

    I work in a jail and we are baffled as to why the inmates are cheeking Wellbutrin. What can they gain? What kind of high can they get? We are eagerly awaiting a response! Thank you!
  5. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    how long?

    I had my interview in June 09..i didn't even get fingerprinted until Aug 09!!! and i started a week after that. I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GO CRAZY WAITING!! the good news was it wasn't just me lol
  6. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    Nursing student giving me the creeps.

    omg! are you sure you weren't part of my LPN class in07??? I had a guy just like that.. but turned out he had a pretty good heart and a wonderful advocate for the res/patient. But this guys seems a bit more......scarier!I say give him a chance and see how he performs throughout the class and if you see any issues do not hesitate to point them out. A facility is only as strong and caring as it's weakest link!! student or not
  7. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    Ok...fellow CO nurses

    I definately get the negative responses! I also get those responses because I am so young (just turned 24). I get " Your so young don't they say derrogatory things or sexual things to you?"Some responses i have used: "Yes but I can ignore them and also say they are being disrespectful. i can also tell the CO i was offended and they can be wrtten up for disrespect" (hasn't gotten that bad yet!) "I love my job!" "I have never been happier!' "It is sooo interesting! You learn so much about emergency care." As you can see I don't let these negative people get me down. I truly love my job. If you are happy where you are then just tell people that or tell them how you feel about their comments.
  8. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    do the correctionals hire new grads?

    I took my boards in February 09. Graduated in November 08. I started in corrections in August of this year. I couldn't be happier. Of course there are days where you are overwhelmed but you could get that in EVERY setting. You are able to be very hands on. And where I work (unsure of other facilities) there is only 1 nurse and 1 med tech (or nurse on meds sometimes) so we are tight nit and don't worry about communication. There are 5 employees. I think it is a great place to work. And as everyone else stated, be very cautios of the I/M they can be super nice one minute and plotting the next! Most often than not they are being nice for a reason! Stand your ground and don't back down! there are plenty of Officers available to you at any time. Good luck!
  9. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    corrections is fantastic!!!

    I mustadd my opinoin also! I have been working in Correctional Nursing for a mere 3 months. I have never been happier! This is also my very first job as an LPN. I just graduated in November of 08 and took my boards in Februaury 09. Beleive it or not I actually want to specialize in Pediatrics but this was open and I decided to try my luck. Boy was I scared when I started out! But by the second day it was as if I had benn in C.N. for years! And yes, it is such a challenge and you run out of necessities so quickly! The I/M are rarely pleasant (becuase they don't get there way) This is also a Benzo free/ Opiate free facility, much to the dismay of the I/Ms. I wouldn't leave this job for anything (of course except maybe a peds job) It is the best place I have ever worked.
  10. At our Facility we do the same; open wide, lift tongue, and in gumlines. some have tried to hold them in there hand and pretend to take them or spit them into their cup(Most times these are the clumsy ones and they are VERY obvious about it). If they try to cheek more than once it goes to the provider to decide whether or not it will be D/C'd. We can crush the med (if crushable) also. This goes for ALL I/M. We have had instances that involved something as "harmless" as Ibuprofen and Tums!
  11. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    FIRST JOB as LPN Need advice and encouragement

    Congradulations!! I passed my boards in Feb of this year. I was too afraid to get an LPN job and actually worked as a PSS until June!! Then a friend of mine talked me into applying where she worked. A JAIL! I got hired and started in August. I could not be Happier! Moral of the story..... Get out there and put your education to good use! there are still times I feel Like i can't do it but my coworkers help and noone ever calls you stupid! it is part of the learning process so Good Luck to you!!
  12. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    what meds do you routinely crush?

    We don't give Benzos or opiates at our facility and we crush Seroquel, Wellbutrin and Trazadone. Wellbutrin burns pretty bad so we also float it.
  13. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    almost done and nothing but craziness!

    i absolutley have! my class was a class of only 13, you would think we would get along.... we butted heads CONSTANTLY! i'd like to say it will all get better but unfortunatley you can only change yourself. just get through and be the best nurse you can be. there will always be someone in the background bringing down everyone around them. keep your chin up and keep smiling.:)
  14. jailhouserock_lpn_08

    What school are you going to?

    just graduated from InterCoast Career Institute, South Portland, Maine waiting to take NCLX-PN.....

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