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its really tough to get in in a hospital so maybe ill try to be a nurse in the correctionals?... Read More

  1. by   navvet
    opps, stated above, meaning stated by others post to the thread posted. The post directly above mine is well, the correct perspective. ugh.
  2. by   Eric Scott
    Look into Corrections Corporation of America. They are a private correctional business that are located all over the country. I reside in Arizona and CCA is a contract facility for the United States Marshals Service. I was hired as a new grad RN, however, I am a former police officer. There are other facilities in the Florence, Arizona area as well, and I know of another individual who I attended RN school with who was also hired as a new grad RN at a different prison. Hope this helps...
  3. by   prison_nurse
    How many prisons in how many states have you worked in??? I don't believe they are all the same.
  4. by   juicebox
    can anyone tell me what agencies in the riverside/san bernardino counties hire for the detention centers or prisons. i would really like to try in out before i actually appy on line for state. and i know of agencies in the LA area and northern but cant seem to find any one or any place that does it out here. ive been looking and researching for about 3 weeks now.
    ive tried the county websites but nothing posted.
    ps. im a CNA & lic. phlebotomist with acute care experience.
  5. by   eric909
    The two agency's Chino prison uses most is preferred and right choice.
  6. by   juicebox
    cool thank a bunch! everyone tells me chino, chino, chino- but no one tells me how. hey do you know about detention centers? i wanna check out both, people say prisons are more relaxed, and detention centers are more crazy. but there are more detentin centers around here then prisons. and how about the federal prisons? do you know about those? i have so many question and no one to answer them.sorry........
  7. by   kstyle1733
    I am an RN in a county jail and I would never use the word "relaxed" to describe my job.
    We assess, triage, and treat inmates; while at the same time we must consider the inmate's motives, mental health, addictions, legal problems, and our own safety!!
    We are the first to deal with any medical complaint from an inmate!
    We are Mental Health, E.R., Med.-Surg., and Community Health nurses all roled up into one.
    We do not have the luxury of an M.D. on duty 24/7 to make crucial life or death decisions!
    We decide if an imate must be sent out for emergency medical service and then we must be ready to explain or defend every step of our decision making process.
    We deal with inmates who will lie, cheat, and manipulate, just to break up the monotony of their own day.
    We must also police the inmates so they don't "cheek" their meds in order to stockpile or use as currency.
    We have inmates who never have or never would take a pill, but because they are now in jail and "entitled to health care" will take advantage of every free handout they can get.
    This is not a "relaxed" nursing job! This is a fast paced and demanding job which requires you to utilize all of your nursing skills while working autonomously!
  8. by   juicebox
    thank you for that information- i hope you didnt get the wrong idea of what i was saying, i didnt mean relax as to where the nurses dont do anything i just meant that i heard county was more intense compare to prisons. im new to nursing but i know there is nothing relaxed about the healthcare field, thats why i decided to get in to it, especially corrections. im not looking for a job to go to and sit around and do nothing, the way you described it is exactly what im looking forward too. but i know that neither one is easy, i understand that at both facilities you need to be one step ahead of the inmate. but you did answer a question i had about the fact that is one earyer than the other and i guessing that answer is, NO. so thank you so much. any info i can get befroe starting to help me paint a bigger picture is appreciated. once again, thank you. :wink2:
  9. by   kstyle1733
    I understand where you are coming from and I didn't intend to make a "soap-box" sermon about how hard correctional nursing is. In response to your initial question," do the correctionals hire new grads? The answer is yes, they do hire new grads. Regarding the issue of prison vs. county jail, I can only speak from a county jail perspective. My personal opinion is that a county jail would be a safer and a better learning experience just because most of the jail inmates do not have sentences that leave them hopeless. i.e. They are not looking at life w/out parole or DP so they have a good shot at a life on the outside if they don't screw it up in jail before their sentencing.

    Good luck
  10. by   goldensfo
    hello everyone, I'm applying for a nurse job at a detention center (pre-trial inmates). how would you say the security in detention center is? since there isn't an officer with you.

    thank you!!!!!!
  11. by   marklw
    hi folks, new grad here...last week! have just gone through my intake paperwork and training....yesterday! i will be working in a correction unit out in west texas. i am really excited, and glad i have read the posts, being fore warned is fore armed? i am hopeful that the experiance i gain from this will really help me towards my RN and wanting someday to get into an ER unit. so in answer to the main question...yep they hire new grads... mark
  12. by   LorrySchoenlyRNPhD
    More and more prisons are hiring new grads. Be careful to look for a large well-run operation so you have plenty of resources. Don't only ask about security, take a tour and note whether there is custody presence in the healthcare unit. Also, ask to interview staff. Select a facility that has what you need to succeed. Good luck to you - many nurses love corrections
  13. by   lovelyb1368
    tirzo13 this question is for you...

    I'm a new grad RN and I currently work at ASH so I am very familiar with the things that go on at the state hospitals (i've also worked at Metro) and I had been a Psych Tech for 7 years. I am considering a move to the bay area and thought Napa would be a good transition facility until I can find a real hospital nursing job. My question are:
    1. Would you recomend working there?
    2. How were your coworkers, easy to get along with?
    3. Is Napa an all male facility?
    4. Is it easy to enjoy San Francisco while living in Napa or any of the surrounding neighborhoods?
    5. Overall did you have a positive experience working there?

    Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!!!