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I applied for a job at a local prison but the pay was much lower than I expected and i was nervous about that type of work as i tend to trust people I'm caring for, so i declined the job. I'm... Read More

  1. by   TowannaG
    In Indianapolis a RN made 25 an hour and the LPN made 20 an hour. It was mainly staffed by LPN's and the RN's had a supervisory position. I was the second shift supervisor. I loved working in correction but I could not work second shift because of my children. I waited it out 7 months though but decided to leave because everyone loved there jobs and no one was thinking about leaving...I wanted a day shift position. TowannaG
  2. by   mickeymouse1205
    I don't work in correctional nursing but my mother does. I know for night shift 6p-6a RN's 28/hr with diffs, LPN 20 something/hr with diffs. She is an LPN and loves it here in Vegas.
  3. by   Dixiecup
    Quote from bandaid911
    I think your salary depends on the company you work for. I work for CMS-correctional medical services. there salary ranges and benefits are wonderful. PHS on the other hand pay terribly. look into CMS employed prisons.

    I don't know where you work for CMS but I worked in Mo. for 10 years, made it to the level of administrator and still only made $56,000 a year. You work like dog and they treat their employees terrible. :angryfire
  4. by   NursesRmofun
    Quote from Pattiecake
    Vermont Correctional RN $20 to $30/hr
    LPN $16.50 to $19/hr
    Wow, that's a big range. In the Max I just left, the rates were between $24/hr. and $28-29/hr. base, depending on experience (in years) as a RN. But you have to add on geographical pay, harzardous duty, and differentials too. LPN's were/are in a different union and make about $14-16 hr.
  5. by   HEDNURSE
    Current Rate Of 32 60 Sumpen And What With Shift Diff, Retention Bonus, And Meal Allowance Somewhere Around 39 An Hour With Only 5 Years In