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I just received a call this afternoon, the woman said that she was making up for the snow delay they had yesterday and was calling interview candidates today.

Thank you very much for the email Hsamuel.

Congrats everyone


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Vandydani: did they say if today was the last day they would be making phone calls?

Futurernbsn2015 lol at Kubler Ross :banghead: right there with ya!

During the call for the interview, are they asking you what position you would be interested in? Or is that something done at the interview?


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She did not say whether today was the last day. She just said she was calling today because of the snow delays and acknowledged that it was past the deadline for hearing. She seemed to have a few calls she needed to make. She did not ask what position I was interested in, just asked me if I was doing an in-person or Skype interview and then set a date and time for the interview. Hope this helps!


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Thanks vandydani :) Congrats on your interview BTW!


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Congratulations on your calls!


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I just got my call for an interview! Keep your heads up everyone. They told me the same thing that they are extremely behind from al the ice and snow lately.

awesome congrats


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I'm trying to apply for the residency but I have trouble loading the website. Is anyone else having the same problem?

What would qualify someone to land an interview at the least? I have everything going for me except I didn't precept in peds :( but peds is my love and passion

Hopefull003 The application period for the nurse resident program has already closed at cook childrens

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